Things that Keep you Safe in the Delaware River Rafting

Things that Keep you Safe in the Delaware River Rafting

When Henry Hudson, the famous English sea explorer and navigator explored the Delaware River in 1609, he dubbed it as,“one of the finest, best, and pleasantest rivers in the world”.

Today, the river is known to the world for its immense recreational uses in the United States. A day spent on the Delaware river offers exciting adventure option for all abilities.

Rafting this river is thrilling, exciting, wet, wild and unbelievably fun!


Is rafting in Delaware river dangerous?

Whitewater rafting is one of the most exhilarating experiences in life. It is a sport with inherent danger and that risk contributes to the excitement. However, you can reduce the chances of fatal accidents by making some preparations. Hire a reliable rafting company who can supply PFD, life jacket, wetsuit or drysuit, etc. River rafting is not scary, rather adventurous than what you have ever experienced.


When is the best time to go for river rafting on the Delaware?

The Delaware river provides plenty of crystal clear water and rapids all season long. The Lehigh river, a tributary of Delaware river, experiences an increase in water level in summer due to the water release from the Walter dam. The water flows below 250 cubic feet per second to 1,000, which is suitable for rafting. The Lehigh river is full of kayaking activity in the spring. Life Jackets are, of course, required. Enjoy the whitewater all season long; regular dam releases from five different reservoirs maintain the river flow.


What should be the boat set up?

A boat equipped with state-of-art equipment are most suited for river rafting. The market is full of different styles and types to provide adequate safety and comfort. There are inflatable boats, self bailing rafts, catarafts, paddle rafts, etc., modeled with modern designs to achieve increased performance on the river. Inflatable boats have come a long way in their design, capabilities and function. Great for both fishing and recreational river floating.


What are the age limitations?

The minimum age requirement for river rafting is 6 years. There are certain physical requirements for joining a trip. Weight restrictions may apply and being healthy and reasonably fit certainly makes the experience more rewarding. Senior citizens over 65 years are recommended for paddle trip or an oar boat trip. People with medical conditions, including pregnancy are restricted to go for rafting.


What should you wear while rafting?

Clothing for river rafting in Delaware depends upon the time of year, weather and temperature. Pack your nylon shorts. Wear a wetsuit in summer days and a wetsuit paddle jacket combination, while rafting in the colder days. Old athletic shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, or even converse hi-top is great for the river. They offer more foot protection than sandals. Protect eyes from glare with sunglasses and a hat with brim.


Rafting is not 100% safe, and that is the way it will always be. Having said that, rafting is a fun and exhilarating adventure that you must never miss.