Things to Keep in Mind Before Traveling to Mexico

Things to Keep in Mind Before Traveling to Mexico

New Year means new adventures and new places to explore. 

Many travel addicts are already planning their spring and summer trips. And while exotic destinations like Greece and Thailand are still very popular, a lot of travelers choose to visit an equally exotic, yet neighboring country of Mexico.

What makes Mexico extremely popular year after year is its diverse natural beauty, rich historical and cultural heritage and lively culture. Mexico can accommodate both those looking to enjoy the nature and those looking for wild nightlife.

However, there is a lot an average traveler does not know about Mexico for planning a trip there. In this article, we are going to give you a few useful tips to know about, if you’re planning a trip to Mexico.


A Few Useful Tips for Planning a Vacation in Mexico

The Paperwork

All US citizens including infants need a valid passport if they’re planning to visit Mexico. The passport’s expiration date should be at least half a year away from the departure date. The only exception is if you’re visiting the border zone for less than 72 hours. In any other case, you are required to have a passport.

Apart from your passport, you need an authorized migratory form. There are several forms depending on how long you plan on staying in Mexico. You can get these forms at a Mexican consulate or an immigration office.

If you plan on heavily packing for the trip you will also need a customs form, as families are only allowed to carry up to $300 worth of items into Mexico.

You should also be aware that some items like guns and even some animals are illegal to import into Mexico. You should consult a Mexican Consulate for more info on what you can and cannot bring with you.

Finally, if you plan on visiting Mexico with your own car, you will need a separate Mexican car insurance policy, as your US insurance policy is not valid in Mexico. What Mexican insurance does is cover for any injuries to other drivers or damage that you might cause while in Mexico.


The Dangers

A lot of people avoid traveling to Mexico because the country is often portrayed as a violent country with risk of being stuck in a middle of a gang shootout or a drug cartel war.

And while it’s true that Mexico does have its problems with drug cartels that often clash with each other or the Police in violent shootouts, that’s not true for every single part of the country.

Corruption and crime are local problems that do not affect the tourists. Otherwise, Mexico wouldn’t have been that popular destination to begin with. Unless you look for trouble yourself, chances are you will never see that side of Mexico at all.


The Vaccines

Anyone visiting Mexico will need proof that they are up to date with all mandatory vaccines like measles, polio and tetanus.

Tourists should also consider to receive shots for Hepatitis A and B, as well as typhoid. If you plan on spending a lot of time in rural areas or wild, unexplored nature, you might also consider to receive a rabies shot. Apart from these, tourists are advised to have antimalarial drugs if they plan on visiting areas where the risk of contracting this disease is high.


The Diverse Nature

Mexico’s inherent beauty is what draws most people to visit this wonderful country. This country is among the most diverse countries in the world.

It encompasses several ecosystems and diverse topography. The country is home to more than a thousand bird species, as well as 540 mammals and 700 reptiles.

Whether you choose to visit the gorgeous Yucatán coastline or the butterfly heaven of Michoacán, you will not regret your decision.