Things To Do In Vancouver, Canada

Things To Do In Vancouver, Canada

Canada is a wonderful travel destination. It is the second largest country according to land mass in the world and has a lot to offer for the nature lover.

Wonderful mountains, lakes, rivers, glaciers etc abound in this country. It is also home to the Niagara Falls, one of the natural Seven Wonders of the World. On the western side it has the Pacific Ocean and on the eastern side you have the Atlantic Ocean.


Why Visit Vancouver?

There are many Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver where you can enjoy night life. Of the many cities, Vancouver is very cosmopolitan and is also one of the most attractive cities in the world. It is considered by many as the best place to live in the world. The city even hosted the Winter Olympics in 2010.


Vancouver Highlights

A first-time visitor to Vancouver absolutely must tour the city using the Vancouver trolley. The trolley takes you through the city and you can visit Stanley Park, Yaletown etc. The best part about the Vancouver trolley is that you can get off anywhere you like and spend some time there. When you have exhausted your interest you can then hop back on the trolley and go on to the next place of interest.

For the bear lover, a visit to Grouse Mountain should be part of the itinerary. You can view bears in their natural habitat. Plus, Grouse Mountain has a lot to offer in both summer and in winter. The Capilano Suspension Bridge with its wonderful views is a major attraction. The bridge is 136 meters length wise and is nearly 23 feet above the river and the views of the canyon below is something to savor. If you are not a bear lover and if you like ocean animals then you can enjoy the whales and seals that are visible here.


Entry Requirements

Entry into Canada used to be very easy but with new rules, if you are not from a country that requires a visa, then you need to apply for a document known as the eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization. Everyone who visits or transits through Canada needs this document. Citizens from United States do not need the eTA. The eTA Canada application is actually very simple and it can be done online and you can get the authorization within minutes of submission if everything is in order and you are eligible for the same.