Things To Do in Prague

Things To Do in Prague

Prague is an incredible city with many, many things to do.

Here are my favorites.

The Charles Bridge

Crossing the Vlatva River, the Charles Bridge is often regarded as one of Prague's most popular sight. Starting at 9am it becomes more than just a bridge, and changes into a 500m-long market, with a force of tourists squeezing through a gauntlet of hawkers and buskers underneath the impassible gaze of the baroque statues that decorate the parapets.


Eating Out

At Czech restaurants, traditin implies hearty. However there are some innovative places that are worth checking out. The chefs at La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise qualify their menus Bohemian with a twist. Each of the seven services is preceded with its own amuse-bouche, so allow at least three hours for a meal. But time flies faster than you think!


Bunkr Parukarka

The Cold War ended two decades ago, but Bunkr Parukarka keeps the praise going. Housed in what was a 1950s nuclear bunker, this quirky nightclub welcomes revelers through a graffiti-covered entrance  Inside, the venue pulsates with avant-garde electro-pop and energetic tracks, spun by some of the city's top DJs.


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