Things to do on New Caledonia

Things to do on New Caledonia

This travel tip gives you some travel tips about what you could do on New Caledonia.

- Snorkeling, diving, windsurfing
* Îlot Canard just outside the Anse Vata is a good place for beginners
* Aguille de Prony is an amazing underwater structure in the Prony bay south of Noumea

- relaxing, tanning, and generally doing nothing
* Baie des Citrons and the Anse Vata are common beaches at the Noumea peninsula
* Îlot Maitre has a resort. This can be reached by taxi boat from the Anse Vata, and by boat from the Baie de Mouselle
* Numerous other tourist resorts can be found throughout the Grande Terre and Île des Pins

- eating French and local cuisine

- hiking, camping
* Parc Rivière Bleu in the Yaté region south of Noumea
* Joining a hiking group is generally a good idea, since you then can really enjoy the great scenery without fear of getting lost, or having to stick with conventional tourist spots....

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