Things to Do in Nevada

Things to Do in Nevada

If you love to go to America and you have the money to do so, you might want to travel to Nevada.

After all, it is where the famous Las Vegas strip is located.

But, it is not only the lights and the glitter of the said strip that is the tourist attraction of the state. There are, in fact, a lot of places you can visit there.

If you’ve booked your flight to the state, then you have come to the right article.


Here are things you can do when you’re in Nevada:

Las Vegas Strip

As previously mentioned, Las Vegas is one of the key attractions of the state. The place has lots of lights and glamour and it is considered to be the world’s “Sin City”.

My experience there was amazing. I went to the infamous Caesar’s Palace and it was incredible. The place has been known as a site for great prizefights and it is also an avenue for famous artists and musicians to share their talents as well.

The Palace is not the only casino you can go to. Some famous casinos are the Cosmopolitan which is just right beside the City Center.

There is also the Bellagio which has amazing lights and fountains. Moreover, you can even visit the famous Bellagio conservatory and botanical gardens as well.

If you are fond of boxing and other fighting events, you can also visit the famous Mandalay Bay resort. It boasts of amazing accommodations and there are also some memorabilia as well.


Hoover Dam

If you’re more into historical sites, then you should definitely visit the Hoover Dam. This iconic construction is just 45 minutes away from Las Vegas.

A bit of a history lesson: this dam has been built since the great depression. This is the president’s way of providing jobs to the people who need it. Unfortunately, the construction of the dam killed a total of 100 people.

Despite its morbid past, the Hoover Dam is one of the most sought-after destinations in Nevada.


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

If you want to embrace nature; the sights and sounds that it provides, then you should definitely visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

If you’re from Las Vegas, you only need to take a 17-minute trip from there to reach this place. I definitely enjoyed my time here as there are plenty of activities you can do.

Do you want to live as a cowboy? There are some horseback riding services available. Do you want to channel your inner daredevil? There is a rock-climbing activity you can enjoy as well.

The view and the scenery even just going to the place is quite amazing. The scenery is impeccable and I have to say that the park is a natural wonder.


Valley of Fire

Last but definitely not the least is the Valley of Fire. Situated north east of Las Vegas and requires one hour of travel time, this scenic wonder is amazing.

If you happen to enjoy long walks and appreciating nature, then this is definitely the place you should go to.

This valley was created from sand dunes and it covers 42,000 acres of amazing sandstone formations.

It has been said that this place dates back to the time of the dinosaurs so it is not only a natural wonder, it also has that dose of history as well.



I definitely enjoyed my time in Nevada. From the Las Vegas strip to the Valley of Fire, there’s just so many places you can go to in the state. If you plan on going to Nevada, be sure to visit these places. I promise you, you won’t regret it!


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