things to do in Gdansk, Poland

things to do in Gdansk, Poland

- There are sightseeing ferries that leave from the sea-side end of Dlugi Targ in the Old Town, which give you very nice views of the Gda?sk harbour and shipyards, with destinations such as:
* around Gda?sk port
* to Westerplatte
* to Sopot and Gdynia. Bear in mind that many of the boats to Sopot, in particular, end up fully-booked and that you can't buy your ticket at the boat itself. This is a harsh lesson to learn when you have already waited in a huge queue. Tickets for the Sopot ferry must be purchased from an office directly across from the terminal.
* to Hel

- Make a canoe-tour through the canals

other stuff to see & do:

- Old Town, wander around the old streets admiring the architecture

- Long Street and Long Market

- The Hall of the Main City

- Artus Court

- Neptune Fountain - statue of Neptune - patron of the city.

- Crane over the Mot?awa River

- D?ugie Pobrzerze (Mot?awa River bank) - Impressive colourful rich houses stand along the river bank. They can be nicely observed from the other bank of Mot?awa.

- Golden Gate

- Green Gate

- Golden House

- St Mary's Street

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