Things to do in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Things to do in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

There is nothing as beautiful as walking on white sandy beaches on an uninhabited island teeming with wildlife and other exotic tropical marine life.

All this comes to reality in Fort Myers. Apart from the 50 miles of beautiful beach, this area has lots of other attractions including family activities and a wide array of dining and nightlife.  In fact, Fort Myers merges marine life with wildlife giving you an opportunity for boating, fishing, unlimited swimming, and miles of trails for biking.

The following are some of the things you must do in Fort Myers Beach in case you are planning a trip here.


Things to do in Fort Myers Beach

The Beaches

South West Florida has over 600 miles of shoreline and boasts some of the best beaches globally. The warm Gulf waters combine well with the shell filled beaches to give you an experience like never before. You can opt to lie around or soak up in the Florida sun. Some of the top beaches worth visiting include Alison Hagerup Beach Park, Bowditch Point Park, Bowman’s Beach Park, Cayo Costa State Park, Dog Beach Park, Sanibel Causeway Beaches, Turner Beach among many others. The palm-shaded sandy beaches of Fort Myer are ideal for family outing.


Family Fun

If you have missed spending time together with your family just exploring and learning something new, Fort Myers gives you that opportunity to do so as you bond with the rich history, sea life, and wildlife in this part of South West Florida. There are lots of educational activities around this area, and kids love them so much. In the afternoon, you may decide to head to a museum or a science center for another experience.

Holiday Water Sports, Lakes Regional Park, Imaginarium Science Center, and Captiva Cruises’ Dolphin Watch, and Wildlife Adventure Cruise are just some of the many family fun attractions.



For the freshest seafood and a beautiful outdoor dining experience from affordable restaurants, head to Fort Myers. You will get anything from shrimp to other local seafood prepared in a style which will make you remember your trip to this place. There is a long-standing history of cattle ranching in this area, and that means plenty of beef. Global immigrants have influenced the Floridian culture by introducing the Floribbean cuisine. This is essentially a mixture of Florida and Caribbean cuisines.



Everyone who comes to Florida is getting attracted by the sunny weather and sandy beaches, but that doesn’t mean that this is all Fort Myers has to offer. If you love shopping, the retail rapture in South West Florida coupled with great discounts and coupon savings will leave you with bags full of items. There are boutiques, bistros, renovated shops, and galleries lined with wares that you can pick on the go.



Immediately as the sun goes down; Fort Myers comes alive again. The fun, food, and dancing seem to never end. It doesn’t matter where you choose to spend your night; you will never get bored. There are live performances done by locals in bars and restaurants that are so full of life that you won’t regret ever coming here.  


When planning your trip to Fort Myers, ensure you make a to do list including the above items and much more that you will find appropriate. 

Tip: Book your Fort Myers accommodation in advance to make sure you get a good spot!