Things to do in Bangkok- Top 16 Activities

Things to do in Bangkok- Top 16 Activities

Explore these best things to do in Bangkok from my recent Bangkok and Pattaya tour, these activities will steal your heart for sure.

“One day, you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”- Paulo Coelho

We all desire to do something great, adventurous, different and cherishable in our lives that might leave our souls with everlasting and happy memories.

So here are some of those things that you might want to include on your to-do bucket list, and trust me these are worth taking a notice.

Best Things to Do in Bangkok

#1 Visit Wat Pho to see reclining Buddha and also you can enjoy the Traditional Thai massage there. If you are in Bangkok you ought to have a traditional Thai massage and feel rejuvenated. You can easily book a massage therapy for your family or just for yourself and enjoy the experience. Thai massage is surely a must do thing in Bangkok for tourists. 

#2 Shopping in Chatuchak Market and that too in the sale is a must thing to do in Bangkok with family. You get everything in this market, every possible thing that you could even think of is available that too on sale and at cheaper rates. You could buy souvenirs for your friends and family as well. Women Shopping at Chatuchak Market

#3 Try the Bangkok Thonburi Khlongs, a longtail boat ride to explore how people in Bangkok used to live. The old-shacks, wooden houses and many more things it’s the best water ride around the city.  


#4 Travelling also means taking a stroll through the history of the place you are visiting, so do visit the Bangkok National Museum where you get to learn about the rich history of this place, its culture, its art form and many more such things, this is among the top 10 things to do in Bangkok for sure.   Bangkok National Museum

#5 Climb the Sathorn Unique Tower and have a full city view from the tower’s top. It’s an unfinished skyscraper building but high enough to cater you with the city’s overview although climbing it up is a real task but adventure lovers you got to try this and soothe your eyes with the amazing view. Climbing the Sathorn unique tower is among the top fun activities to do in Bangkok.

#6 Take a stroll through a beautiful and lush green park situated by the lake away from the cacophonous Bangkok city. Its mesmerizing to see sunrise and sunset from here.

#7 No to-do list is complete without food if you are on any trip. Well here too we have China Town where you have endless places to eat the best Chinese food ever. Tasting food at China Town is a must thing to do in Bangkok city.

#8 Also if you are a gold digger, then this place is perfect for you to shop for gold as it is one of the finest city to have gold shopping done.

#9 It might interest you to know that Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, it is a kickboxing and Thailand is full of kick-boxing stadiums. But the best fight happens in Bangkok at Lumpini or Ratchadamnoen stadium. So I guess it’s quite interesting to be a part of some place’s National Sport, Watching a Muay Thai fight is the best activity to do in Bangkok when you are with friends. It’s Fun!

#10 Talking about being part of some live events, here is another thing to do in Bangkok that is The Bangkok Puppet Show. Generally, in any puppet show, the puppets are on display but here the puppeteers themselves take part in the show along with their puppets. At least three people are required to handle each puppet and classic folk is performed along with living orchestra music.

#11 Erawan Shrine is a must visit, it is a Brahman Shrine which attracts a lot of tourists. Not many places have temples of Lord Brahma and also it is believed that your wishes come true if you visit this Shrine.

#12 Once a royal residence, Vimanmek Mansion is the world’s largest Teak wood building. Which is now a museum portraying many ancient artifacts. Visiting Vimanmek Mansion is a must thing to do in Bangkok as it’s an unusual thing to build a Teakwood mansion and quite interesting too to watch. 

#13 It is a must to experience a rooftop sunset cocktail if you are in Bangkok. Further, you could even plan for a romantic dinner having a glimpse over the twinkly city.

#14 Besides the rooftop dinner, you could also plan for a Dinner Cruise and experience the enchanting beauty of Chao Phraya river and the setting sun inside it. You can book a dinner cruise in teakwood boat or a luxurious yacht. 

#15 Exploring any city’s nightlife is a must and exciting part to do. So Bangkok has a lot to offer you for a nightlife. One can visit Soi Cowboy which is considered a red light area but apart from being a red light area it has endless bars and cheaper rate beers to offer you. But recently the nightclubs such as RCA, Thonglor, Khao San and many more clubs have put aside the Soi Cowboy trend and have come up with happening nightlife with DJs offering you a great taste of music, live concerts etc, Surely the best thing to in Bangkok nightlife. 

#16 Last but not the least this is something that will definitely fascinate any age group, is taking part in the Water Fight during Songkran, the Traditional Thai New Year festival celebrated on 13th and 15th in April.


So these were the best things to do in Bangkok during your visit to this getaway Destination of Thailand.