Things to do in Bangalore

Things to do in Bangalore

Bangalore, a place where modernism shakes hands with ethnicity and culture! The place is a dream city for everyone out there! From the dwellers to the travelers, Bangalore is a place where everyone loves to be.

It isn’t just about the places that you can explore in Bangalore. The Garden City has a lot more to offer. There are plenty of exciting things that you can do in Bangalore.

Here are a few things you should definitely not miss out on when you are in Bangalore.

Things to do in Bangalore

1.     Go For An Adventure Sport

Bangalore is one of the best places if you are looking for adventures. There are plenty of things that you can do in the Garden City. From living in a camp to rock climbing, river rafting and caving – the list is never ending.


2.     Go For Trekking

There are several places in Bangalore that offer great trekking experiences. The Garden City is a haven for trekkers, and places like Anthargange Trek and Caving, Ramanagara Trek, or Makalidurga Trek are everyone’s favorite.  Enjoy the greenery and caving experience during your trek in and around the city.


3.     Night Life in Bangalore

There is nothing like Bangalore’s night life and you should not miss out on this one. There are some amazing pubs, lounges, bars and discos in Bangalore with great food, music and night vibe. Even if you are not a party lover, you should still try and experience the night life here.


4.     Eat Street Food

Your Bangalore experience will be incomplete if you do not gorge on the street food found here. Try out various desserts, biryanis, panipuris, and many other things as a part of your Bangalore travel experience.


5.     Go Shopping

For the shopaholics, Bangalore is just heaven! Try out various malls, shops, street bazaar and buy your favorite brands’ clothes, perfumes, shoes and make up. Bangalore has everything packed for you. There is nothing like experiencing shopping in Bangalore.


6.     Watch the Waterfalls

There are different and many beautiful waterfalls in the Garden City. All of them are extremely beautiful and you should experience at least 10 of those. No kidding! The Chunchi and Mekedaatu falls in Kanakapura, Abbey Falls in Coorg, Hanuman Gundi Falls in Chikkamagaluru, Hebbe Falls in Kemmangundi are a few of them that attracts a lot of visitors. The beauty and serenity of these falls are inexplicable.


7.     Go for a Wine Tour

This one is for the wine lovers around the globe. There are a few vineyard tours available in Bangalore where you can learn about the wine making process, and sip on to a few best homemade grape wines.


The above mentioned are just a few fun and exciting to do in Bangalore. People love visiting Bangalore because of the excitement, love and hospitality the city offers.