Things to do and see in the Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Things to do and see in the Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

The Abel Tasman National Park got more to offer than "just" awesome beaches. Here are a few other travel tips about things to do and to see.

- Falls River bridge. An impressive footbridge which crosses the Falls River. It is located on the track between Bark Bay and Torrent Bay.

- Seals. Fur seals can be seen in a number of places in the park and there is a large colony at Tonga Island. Do not get closer than 20 meters of the seals.

- Tonga Island Marine Reserve.
Approach on foot: Start from Awaroa Hut toward Venture Creek and then over Tonga Saddle to Onetahuti Beach. If coming from the carpark at Tonga Quarry, a low tide crossing is required.
Approach by sea: The nearest boat ramp is at Totaranui and caution should be used due to unmarked reefs as well as strong winds.
By bus or hired boat: Consult the visitor centers in Motueka, Takak, or Nelson.

- Cleopatra's Pool. This is a beautiful rock pool with a natural, moss-lined waterslide! It is located about 1 hour's walk from both Torrent Bay and Anchorage. If you follow the high tide track between these two places, you will eventually reach the turn-off to Cleopatra's. A couple of things to be aware of - firstly, the track to the pool crosses the river (there's no bridge, you have to hop across a few rocks), so if it has been raining over the last couple of days, it can be quite dangerous to cross. Secondly, the bottom of the 'waterslide' sometimes has a few hidden rocks - check it and clear away any big rocks before using the slide.

- Cascade Falls. A beautiful waterfall hidden in amongst stunning bush. The river, while cold, is also a good spot to cool off. Cascade Falls is located about 1.5 hours walk from Torrent Bay. This is one of the more difficult tracks as it is quite steep in parts, but it is definitely worth the hike! Set out from Torrent Bay on the High Tide track to Anchorage and follow the signs - the turnoff to Cascade Falls is approximately 15 minutes from the Torrent Bay campsite.

- Abel Tasman Coast Track. A 51km walking track that is classified as one of the Department of Conservation's "Great Walks." Plan on three to five days to complete the entire track. There are several crossing that are dependent on the tide.

- Abel Tasman Inland Track. An easy to moderate 3 to 5 days through the park's hilly interior.

- Hunting. By permit only and not allowed from the third Monday in December until Waitangi Day. Check local papers for specific dates. An additional permit is required to bring a hunting dog.

- No cycling and No horse riding. Neither activity is allowed in the park.

- Swim - the beaches in the Park are quite safe - the surf is minimal and there is little risk of riptides. The water is also quite warm during the summer. Some of the more tidal beaches are also quite shallow just before and just after high tide, so are really great for young children.

Travel tip: 2 day trip - Abel Tasman - Kayaking & Coast Track

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