There is Nothing Like Going Covert In Cheshire - England

There is Nothing Like Going Covert In Cheshire - England

Sure, London is fabulous - it's a world-class multicultural city offering thousands of options, and I love it as much as the next traveler.


And, far too often, London overshadows so much of the rest of England, relegating so many adorable nooks and crannies to the back seat.


Not for me however... having just returned from yet again another amazing time in a tiny corner of the Northwest in Cheshire called Bunbury, I can say that even the seemingly sleepiest of towns still leave a ton to discover.



Bunbury is adorable, tudor and stone houses, a charming schoolhouse, 3 pubs (count 'em, 3!), one small 4-aisle food shoppe which doubles as the news agent and the post office, a beautiful church, and tons and tons of stunning green fields where cows and sheep graze and the odd briliant flowers and plants grow even in the winter.


It's a place where one can get a proper plate of fish & chips, and a surprisingly delicious Indian curry. 


Let's not forget, two major castles, the "old and the new, new being 14th century of course and the country walks and steep climbs help you keep up with your workouts without even realizing you're exercising because the scenery is so delightful.


It's the kind of place where everyone knows everyone, quite literally- walk into a pub with a friend and you're likely to get the background of each patron with humorous extras that make you smile as you look around and soak up the atmosphere.   


Yet, it's also the kind of place that one can go to completely slide under the radar and just indulge in the simple life, a life of enjoyment where an entire day is built out of a proper Sunday Roast meal, where buying and reading the newspapers cover to cover is the goal of the day after a hearty walk, and where sitting around a fireplace enjoying conversation wtih good friends replaces watching TV while working on your laptop. 



If the days get a bit too quiet, the incredible medieval walled-city-turned-shopping-village with tudor facade buildings called Chester is a mere 20 minutes away, along with amazing hotel estates which double as perfect spots for proper high tea.


Northwest Wales is a stone's throw, Liverpool with the amazing Beatles Story exhibit is a short hop, and Manchester is just under an hour away if you thirst for a bit of urban fare.


Taking in a Man U game is also a must while you're there, nothing like it!




Written and contributed by theexplorateur