Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok - Cooking with Poo

Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok - Cooking with Poo

Often times when we’re on vacation we overlook the little-known sides of Bangkok, which can add character to your holiday.

I visited the posh, formal, well-known Blue Elephant School in Bangkok and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re on a budget and want a bang for your Thai Baht, this is one of the places you should go while you’re in Thailand.

If you’re like me, you have a love for Thai food and its fragrant aroma, savory spices, and cross-cultured cuisine. On the surface, it may look difficult to prepare but it’s simpler than you can really imagine. Not only did I stuff my face, but it I felt good about it. It was a rewarding and a socially responsible experience.

Pretty cool, right? Keep reading to find out.


Khun Poo has been operating her own cooking school for the Bangkok tourist market under a community self-help program she built with four other residents. If you’re travelling on a budget, this is one of the obvious and best on-the-cheap options available to foreigners who want to learn how to cook and eat four Thai dishes in just 4 hours. 

More importantly, your contribution to the school will assist in the long-term development of Klong Toey residents who live in difficult circumstances of urban poverty. Aside from the other cooking schools offered in Bangkok, this class gives you a unique and safe local experience in one of the city’s oldest and largest slums.

Since most people learn by example, let me walk you through it.


This cooking class is offered six days a week. During low season, the price for this half day class will cost $1000 Thai Baht pp. During the high season, the price will increase to $1200 Thai Baht pp.

After completing this class, I can say that I’ve learned to appreciate the same passion for food from another community and, at the same time, one using this a cause as their social conscience for change.

Each meal takes 30 minutes or less to prepare, is dummy-proof, and easy to duplicate in your own kitchen.

But today, that all changes.


The tour begins with a visit to the local market to witness some of the bizarre, exotic, sweet, spicy and hot food items to be used for the class. Each meal begins with an introduction and demonstration. Individual cooking stations allow you — step-by-step — to show off or discover your hidden culinary talents. Hands-on instruction from Poo will give you a new appreciation for chopping, stirring, herbs and fresh aromas.

Whatever food you are unable to finish, Poo et al will bag it up for you to take home or give to hungry local residents.

Nothing beats meeting people I’ve helped. It truly feels amazing.


If you’re interested in taking the class, decide on a pre-fixed menu and visit to make an online payment online that will secure your spot(s) in the class. If you’re a group of 10 or larger, a custom menu can be designed of your choice. You can book online as far as 4 months in advance. All 2012 reservations will require you to log-on and confirm your reservations online.

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