Tequila, Mexico, Picturesque and Historical Town

Tequila, Mexico, Picturesque and Historical Town

I wanted to visit Mexico but was unsure of which region to visit.

After a careful research on the web, I decided on Guadalajara. Several well-known Mexican traditions originated here: the sombrero, the Mexican hat dance, mariachi music, and tequila. It is known to be THE MOST Mexican of all Mexican cities. Hence, that was the reason for my decision!

After a couple of days in town, I felt comfortable enough with my basic Spanish-speaking skills, so I decided it was time to hop on the city bus for a journey into the countryside. The one and a half hour jaunt north to Tequila was part of my itinerary for two reasons.

1. I wanted to go into the countryside to view a landscape other than the city and
2. I wanted to go to Tequila, not to try the beverage (I am a teetotaler - always have been) but still interested in learning about the process of making it, as it is an important part of this region's history.

The bus ride to Tequila presented me with an enchanting landscape filled with blueish-green agave plants against a sometimes mountainous backdrop. When I arrived in Tequila, it was easy to spot the tequila factory - a gorgeous, bright orange building in typical Mexican architectural form. I soaked up the informational tour and history of tequila. The one thing that a non-drinker such as myself can enjoy here is a nibble on the agave plant as it makes it way down the assembly line, prior to becoming filled with alcohol content. Its quite a tasty, sugary treat! Finally, after the factory tour, you can visit the shop to purchase gifts. I purchased some gifts including tequila-filled candy.

This is a must-see stop on your Mexican vacation!

Written and contributed by Maria