Tep Wireless: Pocket Wi-Fi Rental - Product Review

Tep Wireless: Pocket Wi-Fi Rental - Product Review

Internet while on the go is a great option when traveling abroad; it's not only helpful, but a necessity for many travelers now days. And Tep Wireless has those needs covered. The U.K.-based international wireless hotspot rental company is a great option to keep travelers online via smart phones and laptops.


Tep Wireless rents a pocket-sized Huawei E585 hotspot, which includes a USB cable, plug adapters, an extra battery and instructions in a zippered pouch. The hotspot is easy to power on, connect desired devices and use. The sleek and small body of the hotspot makes it easy to carry at all times. The OLED screen is a great added feature, which shows the hotspot's battery life, signal strength and data consumption of the current session. The battery lasts well over eight hours depending on usage.

The hotspot allows up to 5 users to connect at a time and, depending on usage,the speed didn't change with aditional persons. Uploading videos or other such content does take a little longer, so it's best to do this when on a hotel connection.

Depending on where you are traveling, Tep Wireless has you covered in much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, 10 Asian countries, Mexico and South Africa. If you are traveling to a remote part of any of these countries, it's a good idea to check with Tep Wireless about their coverage because remote cities and some other parts of the world might not be covered Tep Wireless desitnations. But overall, Tep Wireless' service always provides users with a reliable, fast and uninterrupted Internet connection.


It is very easy to sign up for a hotspot rental. Travelers can order Tep Wireless plans online in advance, or get a Tep Wireless hotspot at Heathrow Airport in London. If planning to order beforehand, pre-order the hotspot in as little as three days before leaving and the hotpot is guaranteed to arrive. Tep Wireless hotspots are also hassle-free to return; a pre-paid mailer is included during shipment and therefore, allows travelers to return it once travel is complete.

Pricing and service plans vary and truly depend on specific traveler's needs, so it is best to check out Tep Wireless' website to find the best option that fits. All price plans include shipping and a second battery.

Got questions? Travelers can chat live with a support team member on their website to get answers or to troubleshoot the hotspot. The service oriented company is also very quick to respond to any inquiries via email or telephone—whatever form of communication works best for the traveler, Tep Wireless is always at your service


Tep Wireless rentals make it unnecessary to need a SIM card or world-compatible phone when traveling. Since smart phones and laptops allow travelers to download VOIP services, such as Skype and FaceTime, along with messaging apps, like Facebook and What's Up, Tep Wireless hotspots solve all your communication needs, while saving you money.

Not only is the rental service an affordable and reliable option when traveling, it allows travelers to remain connected to the outside world no matter how far away.


Product review shared by Ashley Curtin.