Tejo: Colombia's National Sport and Exploding Fun

Tejo: Colombia's National Sport and Exploding Fun

Tejo is Colombia's national pastime and I was fortunate to learn and play the game during my time in Bogota.


Similar to horseshoes, bocce or American corn hole but with a bang, it is played by tossing roughly a 2 kg disc, called Tejo across a lane, about sixty-five feet in length, onto an angled board covered completely with clay.

In the center of the board is a metal circle called bocin and around the perimeter are four folded triangled papers filled with gunpowder, called mechas.


The object of the game is to get the tejo inside the bocin along while hitting one or more of the mechas so it explodes. Yes, it explodes! Teams are usually made up with three to four people, whoever hit all the mechas or get close to the bocin, wins.

Crazy Fun! 

Beer, Beer and More Beer
I can think of a few sports in the world where drinking while playing is encouraged. I couldn't imagine playing darts, pool, corn hole or even bowling without an ice cold alcoholic beverage.
So tejo with explosives and heavy weights = excessive amounts of beer drinking. And the added bonus, it is free to play as long as you order, and continue to order, lots and lots of beer. I was with seven other people so we ordered a crate of beer which was more convenient than going up to the front each time.
If you are in Bogota or anywhere in Colombia, try and play Tejo.

Guaranteed to be a blast!
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