Tantalizing Timbavati - On Safari in South Africa

Tantalizing Timbavati - On Safari in South Africa

The Timbavati is a worthy destination on any safari ‘bucketlist’ and each time I return with clients, there is always a tangible expectancy that today we might witness a sighting or be part of a truly remarkable wildlife encounter while out on foot or game drive.

The lush thick bushveld bears a silent witness to the abundant seasonal rains. This vast area adjacent to the Kruger, showcases an immense canvas from which we can photograph Africa’s splendour.


The light and mood of the late afternoon has us all enthralled, as we chat excitedly about settings, lenses and apertures.

An old African proverb slowly becomes a reality as I watch the elusive leopard patiently teaching her cub, the white lions resting under the acacia’s and the monitor lizard surveying the area west of sunset plain….

As we slowly leave the stresses and strains behind of our global villages, the natural rhythms and lessons from each day’s sighting and experience begins to teach us again to rely on all our senses.

The journey is the reward!


Written and contributed by Martin Meyer


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