Tannis Bay In Northern Jutland, Denmark - Popular by locals and tourists

Tannis Bay In Northern Jutland, Denmark - Popular by locals and tourists

Protected by Norway the Tannis Bay in northern Jutland is the sunniest area in Denmark.

The weather here is quite stable and you can swim in Skagerak Sea and enjoy the long and wide sandy beaches with the large dune area at “Tannis Bugt”.

 If you have a bike or are happy to do a walk you can avoid the area where the natives and also the many German tourists drive on the beach and sit next to their cars because they are too lazy to park the cars behind the dunes.


I must admit that often there is not enough parking-space off the beach; nevertheless, it is not the nicest habit and environmental friendly behaviour.  Most people that practice this only live or stay in their holiday homes just behind the beach and could easily walk or cycle to the beach. All this is especially surprising because the Danes are known as ecologists.

But there is so much space that you easily can get away from those lazy sun- and sea-seekers and then enjoy the waves, go for a swim, go surfing, kiting, or just lie in the dunes.  It is a great spot to enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.


Another good reason to visit the area is that there is a colony of well known and creative artists and crafts people whose products can be admired or bought. Often not only the items are on display but also the production process can be watched.

These different places are all spread around Tannisby area and the places can easily be reached by bike. This is especially nice because if you leave the main road there is only very little traffic and often there are bike tracks along the main road and the area is flat and easy to cycle along.


Written and contributed by KLB


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