Take a walk at sea level or in the mountains on Kauai - Hawaii

Take a walk at sea level or in the mountains on Kauai - Hawaii

Travel often takes place in fast moving vehicles like cars and airplanes. 


Often, too, getting to your final destination is almost a burden because of the travel time, so the faster you arrive, the better off you are.  It isn’t unreasonable to feel like that; you set aside time, money, and effort to enjoy your vacation and delay isn’t a welcome thing.  But if you are vacationing on Kauai, Hawaii’s northern island, you might appreciate slowing down on arrival. 


Although the car may still be your most convenient mode of travel there are many great walks to enjoy on Kauai.           




          Who doesn’t like long walks on the beach?  Hanalei Bay on the north of the island is a great starting point.  It is a large horseshoe shaped coastline with family friendly waters.  Spending an afternoon here would be easy with all the available activities.  As you wander on the beach you can walk in the shade of the trees or the cool of the water if you get too hot.  There are several off-beach vendors that will help you enjoy the beach if you need any extra gear.


          On the opposite side of the island is another great beach walk.  Many resorts and accommodations are located here which means well-kept beaches and lots of them.  From the farthest east to the west there is almost an “unbroken” line of beaches to walk.  Shipwreck beach is a good starting point.  This is at the eastern point of Poipu and is a clean beach that often has monk seals lounging on it at some point.  Moving westward you will reach Brennecke beach which is a small beach that is perfect for boogie boarding.  Immediately adjacent to this is Poipu beach which is naturally divided into three different sections.  This is a very family friendly and popular beach.  The beaches continue to the south, but these are the most readily accessed by car.  You can choose to either walk the beaches themselves or along the resort walkways and city streets which are right next to the beach.





          If beach walking is too serene and you need a bit more adventure then you can take advantage of the trails in Waimea Canyon.  Accessing the canyon is best done by car off of highway 50 in the south.  Once you are halfway up the canyon (approximately mile marker 13) you can ditch the car and start hiking the canyon.  There is no shortage of hikes all the way to the end of the road.  Often times they intertwine so you can create a hike of your own.  Most of the hikes are on the inland side of the canyon.


          Given the higher elevation there is a chance you will meet up with some wet weather.  This luckily is not a deal killer because it is not normally a driving rain but more of a drizzle.  If you are prepared for that and a few muddy trails you will be fine.  At the end of many of the trails, and throughout, you will see excellent vistas that you will want to have a camera for.



So whether your walks are at sea level or in the mountains, relaxed or rigorous, you will be able to really soak in Kauai.  As you are flying home at several hundred miles an hour you will at least have some clear memories of your vacation.       



Written and Contributed by Jake Garrett



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