Take a citybreak in the Netherlands: Groningen got an energetic atmosphere

Take a citybreak in the Netherlands: Groningen got an energetic atmosphere

People usually get stuck in Amsterdam when they are visiting the Netherlands. Of course, there's lots of things to do and to see over there. But there's more to be seen in this little country.


Of one these cities is Groningen. It's a city in the north of the country, with about 188.000 inhabitants.
It's a city with an energetic atmosphere. This is mainly caused by the many many students in this city. There is a university and a college.

But there's also lots of culture, galeries and shops in the city. Here a few ideas and travel tips:

- Groninger Museum. This is one of the best museums around in the country, when it comes to special kinds of arts. Even the building itself is one of a kind and worth a look! Right now, the museum is closed though. But visit their website for more news and exhibitions: www.groningermuseum.nl

- Stripmuseum. A museum about comics: the history of comics, how comics are made. For people who love comics, I'd recommend this one! It is about Dutch comics though! It's also an interactive museum, kids can learn how to draw comics, there's computergames. Since I love comics, I always enjoy a visit here! More info: www.stripmuseum.nl

- Martinitoren. Yeah, the most famous tower in the city! It's part of the Martinichurch, and you can climb upstairs on the tower. I always avoided doing this, but last Friday, when I was in the city and it was such a beautful weather.. I did it! You can buy a ticket (3 euro) at the Tourist Information Shop across the tower. It's a nasty climb and surely no fun doing it (at least... I didn't like it), but the reward is so sweet when you get the view over the city! When it's a bright day, you can see all over the place: the churches, Euroborg (soccerstadium), the market, just everything! More info: www.martinistad.nl/groningen/martinitoren

- The Market. Almost every day there is a huge market in the city centre. From clothes to flowers ... it has it all. It is the best market in the north of the country.

- If you wanna go shopping, of course there is all the big stores around the Grote Markt - the city centre. But there is more... dare to go to some other nice streets outside the city centre, with little boutiques or a gallery or a store specialised in cheese. A few streets you should see: Oude Ebbingestraat, Oude Kijk In 't Jat Straat, Zwanestraat, Oosterstraat.

- Looking for music or theatre? There is Martiniplaza www.martiniplaza.nl en the Oosterpoort www.de-oosterpoort.nl . For more pop-underground-music, there's is Vera: www.vera-groningen.nl

Also, Groningen has a casino, or you can take a citywalk with a guide, or walking through the Prinsentuin.

For events (Groningen is famous for its Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival), you can go to: www.groningeruitburo.nl


You won't regret a visit to this sparkling city - Groningen!


Written and contributed by Marjan79