Taboula - A Lebanese Touch in the Heart of Cairo

Taboula - A Lebanese Touch in the Heart of Cairo

Beirut is just a short flight away from Cairo, making it an ideal destination for a weekend getaway, but a bit more difficult if all you want is a traditional Lebanese dinner!

So if you are in Cairo and want to satisfy your desire of Lebanese cuisine, you can still do so.

Taboula, a famous restaurant in the quiet neighborhood of Garden City will serve you just what you’re looking for.

The atmosphere makes you instantly feel in the old part of Beirut, with its warm colors and cozy decoration.

The music playing is always traditional Middle Eastern music and the big round tables with the revolving center are great for big groups who want to experience and share a variety of mezzas, so keep this in mind when you are making your dinner reservations.

The menu is rich and offers not only menu, but also has a wide of main courses.

The halloumi cheese here is a must try, and definitely the best in town. If you are not into mezza, do not worry, all main courses are delicious as well, and will definitely not disappoint you. You can also enjoy your meal along an extensive list of drinks or a glass of wine.

Definitely one of the finest restaurants in Cairo!


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