Sydney Versus London: The Low-Down

Sydney Versus London: The Low-Down

If you’re currently living in London, you might find it amusing that there’s so much communion between two cities that could scarcely be further apart from each other.

There’s an abundance of young, lively Aussies in London, and it seems that more Londoners take the leap across the pond to Sydney every day.

Of course, the urge to try a new life abroad is one that strikes most young adults at some point, but what is it about London and Sydney that inspires this informal exchange program? They’re both vibrant, action-packed urban cities, with plenty of culture to explore and enjoy – but which has the edge? Should you take the plunge across the pond, or are you better off staying put in your one-bed rental in Tower Hill? There’s no definitive answer, of course – but it has to be said that Sydney has a lot of experiences which London simply can’t offer.

Here are some of the most tempting reasons to book your flight from London to Sydney right now.


The Great Outdoors

A recent study by the UN put Sydney’s quality of life as the second best in the world, beaten only by Switzerland – and a good deal of that is due to the plentiful beaches and outdoorsy activities on offer in the city. Not only does Sydney have Bondi Beach, the calm bays of Sydney Harbour and the famous surfing havens of Maroubra and Cronulla to its south; it also offers the opportunity to cage dive with sharks, explore the nearby caves of Jenolan and the Blue Mountains or stunning national parks such as the Royal National Park, if you feel like it. And all this fresh air and exercise fosters that incredible Aussie cheer Londoners are always sourly remarking on. Imagine cycling home from work through incredible landscapes and catching an evening swim on Bondi Beach to destress – wouldn’t you be positive too?


Incredible Fresh Food

Here in Britain, we often forget that half the “fresh” fruits and veg we eat have actually been part frozen, shipped from distant lands and then defrosted before we find them on the supermarket shelves – which is why our produce can end up tasting rather bland. Not so in Sydney – with an incredible array of truly fresh produce, an eclectic melting pot of cultural influences and delicious fresh seafood, Australian cuisine is fast earning a reputation as one of the best in the world. Even better, the average restaurant meal is around 20% cheaper in Sydney than in London – so you’re getting better food at a lower price tag, as well.


Year-Round Sunshine

No post on Sydney would be complete without a mention of the, shall we say, milder weather enjoyed by our Australian counterparts! British winters drag on so incredibly long that the thought of some Aussie sun is enough to make your average Brit weep by December. Of course, there’s that wacky thing with Australian winter falling in our British summer (June to August), so it’s the perfect place to get some January sunshine – but even during Australian winter, it’s pretty mild. The average temperature is around 16 degrees Celsius, and it almost never rains – which is pretty much reason enough for me to start planning my emigration right now, without even worrying about anything else.


Of course, London has its upsides too – but for any Londoner looking to try life at a different pace, Sydney has most of the comforts of home, with some incredible extras thrown in.

There’s very little culture-clash, Australians are welcoming and friendly (and did I mention, cheerful?), there’s a thriving arts and culture scene for clued-up city-dwellers and it’s one of the safest cities in the world – plus there’s beaches, sun and delicious food to boot. Excuse me while I book my Visa!