Sun, Surf and Some Ridiculously Wonderful Beaches

Sun, Surf and Some Ridiculously Wonderful Beaches

Whatever your tastes may be, there is something for every beach lover here!

Take a virtual tour of the top 10 beaches of the vast American continent.

After all, is there anyone who does not love beaches? 


Going Au Naturel @ Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica

If you are looking for a clothing-optional beach, then this is not for you. Because at Couples Tower Isle in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, clothing is entirely out-of-bounds! At this unique island you can lie by the pool, lounge at the cozy nooks and bars or go for snorkeling! A private ferry takes the resort guests to this completely natural hideaway. Interested in some Adam-Eve roleplay, anyone? 


Secret Jewel @ Isla Bastimentos, Panama

Our earth is full of hidden beaches and discovering them all can be quite an exigent task. But do you think we will keep all those amazing destinations for ourselves? Hello, we are disclosing our secret right here, right now! Off the east coast of Panama, there lies an archipelago named Bocas del Toro. Even though Bocas is loaded with brilliant places, the sublime Isla Bastimentos will take your breath away!  


Wonderfully Weird @ Papakolea Beach, Hawaii

It's not all piece of cake to reach Papakolea. Visitors have to struggle through a hot and rugged hike along sea cliffs to reach the southern most point of the entire United States. But as always fruits of labor are very sweet. Here you will witness an exclusive green sand beach! The sea water crushes olivine crystals and leave them as fine as sand. Experience rarity at this weird beach because there are only two of these type in the whole world. You don't get to see wonders of nature everyday, right?


Budget Love @ Ambergris Caye, Belize

If you believe that a glamorous beach vacation is not possible in a budget, then stop whining and check your facts! If you plan wisely, then you can have not just a simple beach holiday but an extra-ordinary one! To get the most bang for your buck, I would suggest you to head to the lovely Ambergris Caye, the largest island in the tiny Belize. This is the perfect vacation spot for budget beach lovers as there are enough affordable hotels and eateries on the island. Now, who says budget is boring?! 


For Your Pooch @ Huntington Dog Beach, California

If you ask me whether dogs get sunburned or if they are natural swimmers, I might give you a blank look. But hey, I know which is the best place to take your poochie poo for some unleashed run. Yes, the Huntington dog beach is literally the canine heaven. What's more, you also get to do a good deed while your pet is having a ball. Donate some cash, volunteer or at the very least buy a shirt for showing your support to the NGO which maintains the beach. Just don't forget sunscreen for both of you!


Chic N' Girly @ Coco Point, Barbuda

The tiny Barbuda is home to just 1,200 inhabitants and their best kept-secret is that it has some of the most spectacular beaches in the Caribbean, including the fairy tale-esque pink-sand shore on the island's southern coast. The small lodge by the name of Coco point fronts one stretch of beach, but the rest is entirely yours. Wade through the sparkling olive green waters or dig your toes in the ridiculously baby powder sand before  your girlfriends discover the unknown! 


People Watching @ Venice Beach, Los Angeles

Let's play a game here. Imagine a coastline and sandy beach around the Times Square, with all those crazy people! Voila, that is the Venice Beach! This landmark is always overflowing with surfers, skateboarders, musicians, fortune-tellers, street artists and all those garden-variety freaks you can imagine. The Ocean Front Walk is the main action-packed center with eateries, surf-shops and weird vendors selling equally weird things! Feel free to join the crazed and wild parade! 


Sexy Beach Bars @ Nikki Beach Club, Miami

If you ask me, I would end all my days in the sun with a cold beer gazing the sunset! If you think we are like-minded, then you will definitely love the Nikki Beach Bar in Miami's South Beach! In my opinion it is the best there is. A large oceanfront complex with an outdoor beach club, restaurant and what not. Enjoy the food and drinks in the club's awesome cabanas and lounge beds. And it gets better at night with fresh-spun music and live entertainment by dancers and performers.


Romanticize @ Islamorada, Florida

Of course, I know that South Beach is the best weekend getaway but for all the couples out there who are looking for a hushed, low-key escape - away from the crowds - then head to Islamorada. Rent a boat or snorkel with your partner in the Keys reef, you will find almost the entire place for yourself with just a few villagers fishing around.  Stay at the classic Casa Morada and enjoy cozy Jacuzzis; panoramic sunset views; and pamper yourself with massages en suite. The ideal place for some intimate moments with your only one! Doesn't' this sound romantic enough?


Wedding Bells @ Ogunquit, Maine

All geared up to plan a wedding on the beaches of Hawaii? Think again! Wold you want your wedding place to be exotic and pristine? The picture-perfect location for an exclusive wedding is Ogunquit which literally translates to "beautiful place by the sea". A magical ceremony on the Marginal Way beach, followed by a feast of famous Maine lobster and cocktails for dinner. From seaside recreation to museums, and even hikes in the mountains of Maine, this pretty little town is perfect for pre as well as post wedding parties. Rest assured, this is a wedding that will stay etched in minds of everyone present! 


Travel tip shared by Sophie Wilson