Sudden Death in Brussels - Always worth dropping in!

Sudden Death in Brussels - Always worth dropping in!

My favourite bar in all the world is bang in the centre of Brussels!


It's at the end of the Galeries St-Hubert and it has a long, wood-panelled refuge, lined with mirrors.


That was my major base when I first came to the city over twenty-five years ago.


With no money, it was the ideal place to keep warm and nurse a beer, while feasting on cubes of cheese with celery salt or chewy rounds of salami.


It hasn't changed a bit in all that time: black-aproned waiters dart to and fro, it has a decent choice of Belgian beers, and it's always busy.


It's altogether the perfect place to sip a gueuze - Brussels own, unique ale - or drink a Mort Subite or 'sudden death', after which the bar is named.


I go to Brussels quite a lot, and I would never dream of visiting without dropping by for a drink at Mort Subite.



Written and contributed by Martdunf