street food in Mumbai (Bombay)

street food in Mumbai (Bombay)

Songs have been written about Mumbai's street food and you will find that the hype is justified.

You will find them at every street corner, but they are concentrated in beaches, around railway stations and colleges/universities.


- Bhelpuri stalls — Selling what in the rest of India would be called chaat. In Mumbai itself, the term chaat is rarely used.

- Rolls — Essentially different meat and cheese grilled and served with some Roti and spice, these are cheap and cheerful for anyone with a stomach that can handle it. They are known to be spicy so always ask them to make it mild. Try Ayubs (Kala Ghoda), Bade Miyan (highly over-rated), Khao Gulli (Food Lane, near Mahim Hindu Gymkhana), or Kareems (Bandra). All are particularly busy after a night of heavy drinking.

- Vada pav stands — Developed to provide nourishment to mill-workers in Mumbai's burgeoning mills. Now they are found everywhere, particularly in the railway stations. This is a Mumbai specialty. In Vile Parle (West), try the one off S.V Road near Irla across from Goklibai School. Also try the one outside Grant Road Station and Churchgate Station.

- Sandwich stands — Uniquely developed in Mumbai, you won't find anything like it anywhere else in India or the world.

- Chinese food stalls — You'll find them at many places, but they are particularly concentrated near Dadar railway station. They all have a typical Indian twist added to it, which is why it is frequently called "Indian Chinese". Although it is great tasting, the hygiene of these places leaves a lot to be desired.

- Bhurji — Either Egg bhurji or Paneer bhurji, a mash of eggs and chopped tomato, onion, chili, and lots of oil. Eaten on the side with some pav. Try the Maker Chamber area (near Crossroads 2, Nariman Point).

Tip: cheap and tasty food stalls are concentrated around the city's colleges.

Tip: One should only have the food that is cooked fresh in front of you. During the monsoons, it is advisable that all street food be avoided, due to the numerous flies which are always on the food.


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