Strambotism - Weird, Strange, Unusual and Extremely Yummy Art in Costa Brava, Spain

Strambotism - Weird, Strange, Unusual and Extremely Yummy Art in Costa Brava, Spain

I'm not into art at all. So it won't seem strange if I call art weird, strange, unusual and yummy.

I'm more into food than art, but I'm not talking about food here...
Or let's say, I'm mainly talking about art and only a bit about food.
So why call it yummy?


Before I'll get you and myself even more into the status 'weird'...

What am I talking about?

I'm talking about serious art! Yes, I can talk about serious art! Crazy and unbelievable!

Luckily the art I'm talking about seems not that serious, even if it is, as it is weird, strange and unusual!

I'm talking about Strambotic artwork!

This is how you describe strambotism and I finally found an art, which I really like.

But that doesn't answer, why I call it yummy.

We were having an amazing dinner at Quim Hereu's working place.

One of his friends, Gonzalo Martinez, is an extremely talented chef and they had this fab idea to combine both:

Gonzalo's delicious cuisine and Quim's paintings.


We arrived and when we entered the huge industrial building we first saw a big black curtain. We got a warm welcome and could see one of Quim's smaller paintings at the side. This painting already had a size of around 2 metres.

Then we were allowed to step behind the curtain and what we saw was stunning.

There was this really large canvas and an amazing huge painting.

It covered the whole size of the building and the focus went straight to the center of the picture, where a naked woman with a cow head was painted.

„What is that?“ was my first thought and I had mixed feelings. I realized right away, that what I saw was special, as it was huge. But was that some more typical art I don't really get warm with? A naked woman with a cow head?

OK, so I got closer and saw more of it.

A naked woman without a face, but a mirror instead... another naked woman which arms end in a swan's heads... trees with openings, in which you'll see a new landscape with stairs... a man in a suit-jacket, but with no trousers, but underwear and with roses in his hands, but without a head... a pregnant woman giving birth to snails...

We saw the first painting and Quim was in the final stages of finishing it.

Quim Hereu is painting 3 huge strambotic paintings in total. Each one 12x6 meters huge, which makes it probably the largest oil paintings on canvas, but for sure the biggest Strambotic paintings of the world.

And what was in front of this huge canvas?

A huge round table!

Was that where we would have dinner that night?

We had a welcome drink, talked a bit, got a bit closer to the painting and started to shoot all our questions to Quim and his friends.

That's when I realized that this whole huge painting and every little detail had a deeper meaning.

That's when I started to really love it!

I haven't understood art so far, as I haven't met anybody yet, who could explain it. It's not enough to me that a so called expert explains me his interpretation of art. I could tell you any bullsh*t as well.

Uuups! Did I really write that? Is that a bit drastic and over the top? Let me explain...

There was a very colored painting hanging in the Museum of Modern Art in Cologne. The price of it was extremely high and experts got interviewed and they gave their interpretation of this painting. The interpretations sounded all so different and so professional.

But who was the mysterious painter?

It was a monkey, living in the cologne zoo!

That's my understanding of modern art. As you can tell, I'm no fan of it and definitely no expert of art at all.


But you don't need to be an expert for being fascinated by strambotic art. All you need (or at least I do) is a dinner with the artist himself. That's the chance to question him with all your crazy questions. I'm sure that Quim was happy that we had the 7 courses in between. That gave him a break.

The dinner itself is already worth to get mentioned as a single travel tip. Each course was freshly made by chef Gonzalo Martinez in the background and Gonzalo explained us why he has chosen each single dish. It all had a meaning and was linked to a painting.

We enjoyed "Homenatge a Hereu", "Cargols de la joventut", "Carpaccio Mediterrani", "Sopa dels homes porró", "El peu de la Ilongada", "Textures de poma" and "Tallat de xocolata i mandarina". That was all served with excellent wines.

The Costa Brava is well known for its delicious and very high end cuisine. This evening and these meals are a part of it!


Back to the weird, strange and unusual art...

So what exactly is strambotic art now?

As I told you before, I'm not into art, so I will be so free and share what wikipedia is explaining us:

A Strambotic artwork consists of painting and drawing weird, strange, unusual thing... definitely, strambotic.

The basis of the process is the imagination, which is heavily used and applied with absolute control of reason and without making any concession to automation. During the creative process, is played with the astuteness to alter and modify the properties and inherent forms of the objects involved in the artwork, making very unusual the end result. A jug, for example, can be transformed into a ballerina who flies around the stage while branches sprout all around her.

Neither the subconscious and the dream world, play a preponderant role in the creation of a strambotic artwork, but the entire creative substantivity springs from the artist's imagination, transfiguring the reality and giving new meaning to the composition. A balance of composition is always sought, as the rhythm and the harmony always present in the painting. The shapes are subject of clinical study, to achieve the desired result.

In the Strambotic creative process, the artist plays with the elements around him and analize them extremely concise, until altering their natural forms and functions with premeditated astuteness, being all subjected to his will and whim. All this in the hands of the artist, causes the creation of a completely original and strambotic world.


If I would have read that before, I wouldn't have understood it really.

Is that how you are feeling now or do you get it?

Whatever... Go See!!

Serious, it's a project I highly recommend you to see for yourself. The best would be to combine it with an amazing dinner and having the chance to let the art be described to you by the master himself, Quim Hereu.