Stateside Trips to Consider for Spring Break

Stateside Trips to Consider for Spring Break

You and your buddies are tired of being trapped inside, and you are even more tired of the endless hours of studying.

Then, you realize that Spring Break is just around the corner.

Use these ideas to decide where you will go this Spring Break.


Stateside Trips to Consider for Spring Break

Volunteer around the world

There are many opportunities for college students to volunteer around the world, and an overseas experience often helps increase your worldview. It often looks great on resumes as it shows that you care about the world. Numerous opportunities exist, so it is easy to find one that you are interested in pursuing.

There are also many opportunities in the United States including helping restore the Appalachian Trail, help fight legal battles in New Orleans, help at a special needs camp in Texas or help with recreational activities in Wyoming.


Party it up!

There are many destinations where college students go to party during Spring Break. While Key West, Orlando Panama City Beach and Miami, Florida, are perennial favorites, there are others in the United States that are very popular. Denver, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are also hotspots for partying during spring break.

The chance to meet people from other colleges in a relaxed atmosphere is enjoyed by many college students. Many of whom also often enjoy playing beach volleyball, working on their suntans and drinking - always make sure to take precautions and drink safely, though!


Take a Motorcycle Trip

There are countless highways that are perfect for a Spring Break motorcycle ride as long as you remember to watch for traffic and wear a helmet. Riding along the Pacific Coast Highway allows you to hear the crashing surf, feel the cooling breeze as it blows through the towering redwood forests and enjoy watching marine life play on the sandy beaches.

Alternatively, consider riding along the Peak to Peak Highway in Colorado since by Spring Break many of the wildflowers should be starting to bloom while snow may remain at the higher elevations. The 105-mile Skyline Drive through Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park may be the perfect getaway for Spring Break with its many historical sites. Just make sure to always have good travel insurance, like from WorldNomads or SafetyWing.


Regardless of what you decide to do on Spring Break, remember to make the most of your time. Each day is a precious gift that should be enjoyed completely. Use these ideas to plan your Spring Break adventure before it is too late.