Spoilt for Choice at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar!!

Spoilt for Choice at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar!!

Night Market / Bazaar: (Thai: ??????????, Nai Basa) Open every evening of the year, covering a three block radius of Chan Klan Road in the centre of the city the Night Bazaar dominates everything around it.

The market opens from 6pm until midnight and offers a huge range of artisan handicrafts such as hilltribe silver, woodcarvings, silk items,jade & ceramics as well as just about every other conceivable souvenier imagineable including copy watches, tee-shirts & designer brands.Haggling IS compulsory!

The whole market always has a really good atmosphere, which is further enhanced by a wide range of local restaurants offering a superb selection of international cuisine including not only Thai food but also Chinese food, Asian food & even Western food !!

The origins of the Chiang Mai Night Market can be traced back at least two hundred years as a meeting point for traders when the Lanna Kingdom’s capital was a major stopping point on the caravan route between Southern China and the Burmese seaports.

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, or “Kad Luang” (Royal Market) as it is known by Thai’s, is one of Chiang Mai's biggest tourist attractions, a visit to the city without going to the Night Bazaar is almost unheard of !

Every night the centre of the city comes alive as the market attracts huge crowds of bargain hunters, all looking for cheap trinkets & gifts. The market not only specialises in locally made handicrafts such as wood carvings, jade, hill tribes silver jewelry, silk & ceramics, but you can also buy everything there from antiques, copy CD’s & DVD’s, designer tee-shirts, clothes & even fake Rolex watches !

Be prepared to bargain, to get the best deals you will have to, the prices quoted will always be lower than at home, but you should be able to “negotiate” a discount of at least 15%-20% off the 1st price. The market has huge arcades which hold a multitude of shops and stalls. The place is so packed that stalls actually line both sides of the main road as well.

It’s a big place to wander around, so you should put aside a complete evening, including dinner at one of the many roadside restaurants located nearby serving not only Thai food, but also Chinese food, Asian food & even Western food.

There really is something for everyone at the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar !

Location: The night market is located right in the centre of the city near the Ping River on Chang Klan Road between Tha Pae Road and Si Donchai Road, if you are staying in the city, it will be within walking distance, if not just grab a Songthaew (red pick-up), or a TukTuk. It opens from 6pm to midnight every night of the year.