Some Wonderful Camping Spots in the USA

Some Wonderful Camping Spots in the USA

It’s summer and you want to spend your precious time with your family. 

One of your family members comes up with the idea of camping.

Why camping, you wonder?  It is the best choice we say! Here is how?

Camping in provides Vitamin D, which is very important for your health.  Exercise in the form of walking, hiking and swimming could do you a world of good. 

Nature has a way of calming your soul.  A holiday itself is a release from all the day-to-day stress.  Camping in serene surroundings could be that elusive balm, to soothe your stressed and highly-wired nerves. Moreover, camping is a group activity. You can use this opportunity for social interactions with your family, friends or even lover.  

Here are some camping spots in the USA where you can get all the health, mental and social benefits mentioned above. 

Most of these sites have NPS websites if you so need to know specific information.


Some Wonderful Camping Sites in the US:

Assateague Island – Maryland

If your plan of a holiday involves sunbathing, surfing, paddle boarding, fishing and kayaking while pitching your tent, this island is for you. 

On this island you can also participate in biking and hunting activities.


Zion Watchman Campground  - Utah

This is a camp spot with many facilities even for the differently-able.  You get to watch rock formations, animals and desert plants -all in one place.

Kids and the youth will find a lot of activities to enjoy here.


Gros Ventre Wilderness - Wyoming

Here is one for Wilderness.  Set camp and wander on horseback or foot among colorful rocky slopes filled with alpine in this site located in the Grand Tetons National Forest. 

You may also come face to face with bears, moose, marmots and elk here.


Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

Here the south rim is open for camping all through the year while North rim is  closed in the winter season. 

Pitch a 2 person camping tent and go on hiking trails at the Horse bend  or gape at the 30m plunge of the Havasu falls here.


Takhlakh Lake – Washington

This site is at 4,400 above sea level. There are more than 53 sites for camping here.  Go on hiking trails around St. Adams.  You can also get breathtaking views of Mt. Rainer and St. Helenes.  Boating, kayaking and angling are other activities that you can take up on the scenic  lake.


Other Camping Spots

You can also try other camping spots like the Treehouse point - Washington, Yosemite National Park- California, Acadia National Park -  Maine, Shenandoah National Park– Virginia, Badlands National Park – South Dakota.

Choose from any of these and start packing your camping gear.  But, before you move check out the local rules and costs involved in the trip.

Camping offers many benefits and takeaways for you.  But you also have a responsibility to follow the local rules and practice the popularly accepted “Leave no Trace  principles”  outdoor ethics.  

This two-way agreement works in everybody’s favor and this could very well be the most memorable trip of your lifetime!