Some Insight About Bahamas International Airport!

Some Insight About Bahamas International Airport!

Also, referred to as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Bahamas is a country comprising of 3000 cays, islands and islets. It is located to the north of Cuba in Atlantic Ocean.

Nassau is its capital, and this destination is popular for its natural attractions.

Climate of the place ranges from subtropical to tropical and due to Gulf Stream it moderates significantly. The weather of the place is perfect for indulging in a wide array of outdoor activities.

The main airport of this place is Grand Bahama International Airport.

Its IATA code is FPO.

Located in Freeport, this airport is privately owned by The Port Group and Hutchinson Port Holdings as a joint venture. Sprawled on land that is 741 acres vast, the airport offers facilities that match global standards.

Pre clearance facilities are available at this airport besides one more Bahamian airport. The runway of this airport is about 3,359x46 (m) and has the capability to handle big aircrafts. The airport is located at a central location from where all major cities of the United States Eastern Seaboard lie close to it.


Grand Bahama International Airport boasts of many features that make it at par with other International airports of prominent cities.

Some of these features are VOR System, Distance remaining markers, ILS or Instrument Landing System, Position Approach Path Indicator system, general services related to aviation like fuelling and maintenance, Category seven fire fighting facilities, US Pre-clearance facility and special cargo or freight handling area.

In Bahamas, various international airlines serve the destination with its six major airports located here. Some of the major international airlines include Air Jamaica, Delta Airlines, AOM, American Eagle, Carnival Airlines, British Airways, US Air and Air Canada. The airlines allow direct flights plying services between major places in North and South America, Europe and Caribbean.


Nassau, the capital of Bahamas also has an International Airport. The name of this airport is Lynden Pindling International Airport.

It is located about 16 km west to Nassau, New Providence Island. This airport is one of the largest airports in Bahamas. The airport is also considered to be the main gateway to the world in the country.

The airport has recently undergone many changes and renovations. It is not only undergoing expansion of terminals but also up gradation of various facilities.

34 new gates are added to the airport thereby enhancing the capability of handling more passengers coming here. The airport is geared to handle 5 million passengers annually.

Since the destination is famous for its scenic attractions and cheap airfares to Bahamas are easily available, the number of passengers coming here is steadily increasing.


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