Solo Spring Skiing in Austria with SnowTrex

Solo Spring Skiing in Austria with SnowTrex

Spring is now upon us and as winter draws to an end this doesn't mean it's the end of the ski season in Europe. Many resorts remain open until much later into the season. 

By using SnowTrex I was able to locate some great deals around Europe.
Having skied across Europe, I thought this might be a nice occasion to ski in this part of Austria for the first time.
I'd heard a lot about the great skiing, wonderful alpine hospitality and of course the popular après-ski in Austria and wanted to go and check it out for myself.
For this ski trip I travelled solo, and SnowTrex offers many solo options if you fancy going alone.

Getting to Heiligenblut Ski Resort, Austria

Heiligenblut ski resort is located in the district of Spittal and offers the highest mountain peak in Austria which is one of the main reasons they can allow room for a longer ski season. The higher you go, the more chances you have to find snow later into the season. 
Travelling around Austria has been made easier with the use of a travel route planner app called Scotty which was created by Austria's transportation network OBB.
I used the online service to work out how to reach Heiligenblut ski resort using public transport. 
I discovered that I could reach Heiligenblut ski resort by flying into Munich or Salzburg and then travelling with a combination of train and local postal buses.
The journey took some time, but you simply can't beat the views from your train seat as you start to reach the Austrian Alps. Sit back and take in all the stunning scenery as you pass by.

Döllach Alpine Village and Gasthof Marx

Döllach is a cozy alpine village around 10 km away from the ski slopes of Heiligenblut ski resort. Daily ski bus transfers are arranged for guests between Gasthof Marx and the slopes.
I was happy to find Gasthof Marx through SnowTrex as they had wonderful solo accommodation options with easy connections to the ski slopes. 
You're given a timetable upon arrival at Gasthof Marx so you can work out your weekly transfer itinerary. The ski bus transfer was at no additional cost.
Döllach offers a welcoming environment with its small village feel. I loved the alpine setting and looking out from the room balcony every day after a long day of skiing. 
Gasthof Marx offers a local family guest house service with a smile and offers half board catering option also for SnowTrex guests
I enjoyed waking up to a hearty morning breakfast to start the busy ski day off followed by a delightful three-course meal in the evening. All you have to worry about is sorting out lunch on the piste. Now that's an easy ski vacation. 

Ski Slope Ski Pass

I booked a week's stay in total through SnowTrex and the package that I booked also offered a one week ski pass for Heiligenblut ski resort which was included in the total package price. This helped out big time with the overall budget of my solo ski trip.

Ski Rental Options with SnowTrex

The great thing about SnowTrex is you can add a ski rental option to your booking if you need to rent ski equipment for your ski trip. 
This means you pay for all the major ski trip costs all at once at the checkout. 
If you have your own equipment, not to worry, you don't have to opt into this additional service.
If you don't sort out your ski rental online, many rental shops allow you to rent for the day, but the price might not be as competitive as what's offered online with an advance booking through SnowTrex.
Just something to consider and look into at the booking stage as I found a weekly ski equipment rental to be a good deal through SnowTrex rather than renting on the day.

Skiing in Austria in the Spring

Of course the conditions of the ski slopes are not as pitch perfect as they are in the wintertime, but you will find less congestion, more affordable prices and guaranteed snow at selected listed resorts as they have their own snow machines ready and waiting if needed.
You can check each booking on SnowTrex to see which resort offers guaranteed skiing until which dates and roughly work out your options from here.
I noticed that some areas were perfect with snow powder to get some good skiing in whilst some of the black slopes higher up had some patches you should avoid as they didn't have snow machines that high up.
However, those patches where sign posted to make you aware and you can follow your own judgement on what part of the piste you should ski along.
Generally, I worked out some perfect slopes and after a few days I was able to enjoy some good runs.
Normally at the resort entrance you can find updated maps with warning light levels telling you which areas you can still ski and what areas you should avoid. Once you have a rough idea on where you can go then you can enjoy an awesome day of skiing.
Compare this to the great value I was able to get at the time of booking plus less crowded slopes, I feel I managed to get a lot out of a week of skiing.
You pretty much get to ski with the locals who all know these slopes rather well, allowing you more space to enjoy your skiing and not having to keep a lookout for busy crowds.
It was nice to get some of the spring sun whilst out on the slopes instead of a breezing blizzard. It made a nice change from normal and allowed me to focus on a good day of skiing ahead.

Austria Loves a Good Après-Ski

When it comes to skiing, it's import to work hard, play hard. After a long day of hitting the slopes, there's nothing like enjoying an eventful après-ski to finish off the skiing. Around 16:00 pm like clock work, the deck chairs across the alpine bars come out to enjoy the last of the sun, the Austrian alpine music starts playing and the beer begins to flow. Enjoy the sun, beer and music, you deserve it.

Skiing Solo in Austria

I have to admit, normally I like to go skiing with a fun group, but this trip was a little different. I wanted to go alone to get in some good ski runs before the season ended and to top up my personal fitness.
As SnowTrex offers a solo booking option, it's totally possible to make this solo style skiing adventure happen.
Not having to worry about anyone else, I could wake up bright and early, be the first to hit the slopes in the morning and then call it an early night in the evening to get ready for another new day of skiing.
Not having to worry about anyone else also meant more time skiing as I didn't have to wait for anyone at the ski lift or try to keep up with friends who are at a better skiing level than me.
It was nice to take a week off to focus on my own personal fitness, enjoy a relaxing holiday in the Austrian Alps and focus on some down time.

Booking a Ski Trip with SnowTrex

I'm happy that I went with SnowTrex on a skiing holiday to Austria as they took care of everything along the way and allowed me to book the type of ski trip that I wanted with ease.
They have selected some wonderful partner accommodation options for you to choose from ranging across many destinations and budgets.
Overall, I was impressed with how the SnowTrex trip went and I need to start booking more solo type skiing adventures as I managed to get a lot of good quality skiing done in a short amount of time.
Travel Tip shared by Dave for Travel Dudes.