Snorkelling Adventures at Pharoahs Island in Taba

Snorkelling Adventures at Pharoahs Island in Taba

In step with nearly all other beach resorts in Egypt, snorkelling trips are offered for tourists to Taba and Taba Heights.

The location is Pharoah’s Island and it is often known as Farun Island. It is situated just off the Sinai coast about 40 minutes cruising time from Taba Heights harbour. At the island, by far the most visible landmark is the old fortification constructed in the period of the Crusades by the Saracens.

The snorkelling visit is operated on a delightful vessel with masts and lots of deck space so that you can soak up the sun. The setting in the northern end of the Gulf of Aqaba is excellent with the mountains of the Sinai on one side and magnificent views across to Jordan on the other. All the same, the outstanding views tend to be found under the crystal clear, welcoming waters.


Before you can don your mask and go into the sea, the snorkelling guide will brief you on a small number of things in regards to the snorkelling area. Dive boats also head to Pharoah’s Island so even though it's very easy to only look down and watch the array of marine life, you have to be mindful of various other boats, divers and where you are.

When the formalities are completed, your snorkelling crowd goes into the sea and you are an observer on a spectacular marine world made up of life and colour.

A lot of people do think scuba diving is the ideal way to view the astounding sea life of the coral reefs yet snorkelling has one particular big advantage. Regular scuba gear is what is known as open circuit. In Layman’s terms, it means that when you breathe out using scuba gear, you release a flow of bubbles into the water. This does upset the fish so it’s harder to get close to them. However, there aren't any bubbles when snorkelling and you'll drift along in your own silent world and you’ll be amazed at just how close you are able to the tiny fish without frightening them away.

The array of fish and things to spot while snorkelling at Pharoah’s Island is quite simply mind blowing.

Ultimately you should aim to get nearer to the coral formations as many of the creatures keep near to it but remember not to touch since there are plenty of things such as Fire Coral and Lion Fish that could give you a horrible sting.

It is quite likely you will come across the little Clown Fish which everyone loves. If you're very fortunate, you may even see a Frog Fish which is found in this area of Egypt.

Visits to Pharoah’s Island are common and run on a daily basis.


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