Six Overlooked London Attractions

Six Overlooked London Attractions

Any traveler who has visited London once, will most likely return craving for more. It is absolutely true that the capital city of the United Kingdom is quite addictive (both literally and figuratively).

Whether it’s about the city’s attractions, sightseeing, luxury, shopping or food, London has its own charm and grace for everyone.

The capital of England is one of the world's leading tourist destinations, and is home to several things that will surely make you fall in love with the city.


Don't overlook these things when visiting:

Fish and Chips

Are you a foodie? If yes, then fish and chips served in the city is an extremely British foodie delight.  It is one of the favorite dishes of the nation and is certainly the most iconic as London and Londoners can’t do without it. Moreover, its flavors haunt the traveler’s tongue long after the meal has ended. There are plenty of restaurants where you will be served with the best qualities of this delight.


Newspapers and Magazines at No Cost

Over the last few years there have been numerous free publications of newspapers and magazines in London. Thus, if you are willing to know about some information related to current news, fashion, style, travel or beauty, these free magazines may serve as an ocean of knowledge. Tubes are also the most common places where you get to read the newspapers for free. Even if you are a literature fan you may get your hands onto all sorts of literature and that too without spending even a single penny for it. London is a charming city for a reader.


Street Markets London

Though every city has plenty of street markets, the capital city of England has street markets to boast of. The city houses some of the world’s best known street markets from where you can shop for anything and everything. Do you want to shop for antiques, clothes, flowers, organic food, bargains, jewelry etc? Roam around in these local streets and you will get it all. Even if you just want to spend your day wandering around, these local markets are ideal for that and who knows you may find some excellent bargains along the way.

Camden, Spitalfields, Portobello Road Market and Borough Market are some of the well known markets.


Trendy Coffee Shops

If you are a coffee lover and crave the smell and taste of coffee beans, then London will enthrall you? The coffee shops in the city make beverages that are quite more than simply great brews with amazing aromas. The top notch coffee culture starts right here and there are lots of creative caffeinated communities. Here you will step into some of the most trendy and coolest coffee shops ever. There are plenty of places in London to cherish if you value skilled brewing and the aroma of coffee beans. Curators Coffee Studio, Espresso Room, Free State Coffee, Prufrock Coffee and the list may continue forever.


Pace of the City

London is a little crowded, however people still get addicted to the pace of the city. You will always find the capital city moving. You may see tourists flocking around at every nook and corner and the tubes are always busy too. Some people can be seen singing and dancing on the streets, some can be seen with heavy suitcases, someone eating and some can be seen listening to music. This is the lifestyle of a common Londoner and he follows that.


Street Dancing

London city is quite vibrant during summers. This is the time of the year that is most enjoyable. From alfresco dining to a dip in pools, open air theater and street dancing, there are plenty of things to look for. On the lush green lawns you will find beautiful picnic baskets loaded with sausage rolls and chilled drinks. However, above all the best thing during summers in London is that the streets are all taken over by the festivities. If you are in London you should not miss the Notting Hill Carnival which is called the biggest street party in Europe. This event especially attracts thousands of tourists from all across the globe.


As said above if you have traveled to London you will certainly want to come back for more. The city has an amazing lifestyle that many people can’t ignore and you tend to get immersed in its vitality. The aura of the capital city is just as irresistible as a yummy ice cream sundae on a hot summer's day.