Six Must Have Camping Essentials

Six Must Have Camping Essentials

Camping is an outdoor recreational activity, it involves staying in tents away from home. If you are adventurous and a nature lover then camping will be for you. You can set up your tent in the lap of nature and do activities like trekking, fishing, rafting, climbing, etc.

But camping is not as easy as it seems. It may go all wrong if you haven't done it before or you if don’t know what to carry with you.

If you are a beginner and planning for a camping trip, we've suggested a few must have items to take with.


Six Must Have Camping Essentials

1. Camping Tents

The first thing that you need to get is a tent. This is where you will be sleeping and storing all of your things. Before buying a tent, you need to decide how many people are going to be staying in the tent - you can then select the right size and type of tent to buy.


2. First Aid Kit

There are chances of getting scratches, cuts, infections and other injuries while camping or while doing the activities in the trip. It is essential to have a first aid kit so that you can treat any ailments or injuries that happen. Make sure that everyone knows where the first aid kit is kept and it must be easy to open.


3. Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bag is an important part of any outdoor adventure, as it serves the purpose of the bed and keeps you warm. If you are camping in very warm weather, you can just sleep in the liner. You can fold it and use as a pillow too. There are various types of sleeping bags available in the market. It's a good idea to buy a decent sleeping bag that is comfortable and warm.


4. Camping Stove

If you are camping then you must have some kind of camping stove. A camping stove is a useful piece of kit to cook and enjoy a tasty meal while on the outdoor trips. Also, cooking with a camping stove is simpler than cooking over a campfire. But, choosing the best camping stove is very important so check that it is portable, versatile and easy to use.


5. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a multi-tool, it is an essential tool for camping as it does many tasks. Instead of carrying various tools, it is a better option to have all in one tool. As a name indicates, it easily comes in a pocket and you can take it with you everywhere. You can get a good quality Swiss Army knife for your camping adventure.


6. Rope

The rope is also a multi-tool. It can be used to climb, to make a clothesline, tarps, pull something, making and repairing the tent, etc. If you can learn how to tie various types of knots then rope can be used for many other things in camping.