Six Awesome Melbourne Destinations to Explore on the Back of a Motorcycle

Six Awesome Melbourne Destinations to Explore on the Back of a Motorcycle

The capital of Victoria, Melbourne, is an incredible city with beautiful views and scenery.

As winter in the southern hemisphere comes to a close and the weather warms up a bit, it’s the perfect time to hop on the back of your motorbike and experience all that Melbourne has to offer.

Whether you’re a native to this stunning Australian city or are simply visiting, you won’t be disappointed.


Check out these 6 fantastic locations to explore this spring on your motorcycle.

1. Great Ocean Road

Famed as one of the most stunning coastal roads in the world, Great Ocean Road is nothing short of amazing for a motorcycle journey. Breathtaking views surround the winding road as it hugs the cliffs just above the coast.

With many small towns along the road to stop and have a bite to eat, you’ll feel like you’re exactly where you need to be. Allot plenty of time for this journey because you’ll certainly be stopping often to take in the views.


2. Yarra Valley

Home to wineries such as Balgownie Estate, Punt Road Winery, Domaine Chandon, and Yering Farm, Yarra Valley is a great place to explore. You can stop at different wineries along the way (but of course don’t drink and drive), to experience the beautiful scenery.


3. Bay of Islands

While you’re on the Great Ocean Road, there are lots of places you should stop to see. Bay of Islands has plenty of accessible beaches, many of which are often deserted. The spring is the perfect time to visit as well because the wildflowers will be in bloom.


4. Tower Hill

What was once a volcanic crater is now filled with a lake. Over 200 kangaroos call this place home, as well as koalas, emus, echidnas, and waterbirds.


5. Phillip Island

Phillip Island is roughly an hour and a half from Melbourne. This incredible place is filled with wildlife like kangaroos, koalas, emus, wombats, and dingos. You’ll also get to see plenty of the world’s smallest penguins roaming the beach.


6. Squeaky Beach

Rounded grains of quartz cover Squeaky Beach, literally making the sound of the sand beneath your feet squeak. There are many beautiful rock formations here as well, which create a plethora of paths to explore. This is also a fantastic area to see wombats in the wild.


A Note on Safety

According to motorbike accident lawyers at, the results can be devastating if a motorcycle is in an accident with a larger vehicle. Keep safety in mind when you’re on your motorbike, and remember that other vehicles have much more protection than you.