Sights Worth Visiting in Prague at the Old Town Square

Sights Worth Visiting in Prague at the Old Town Square

Old Town Hall and its Astronomical Clock
The Old Town Hall was built in 1364. Originally the building served only as the city hall of the old town, but later became the city hall for all of Prague. It is now only used for ceremonial functions.
The Prague Astronomical Clock or Orloj in Czech is a medieval astronomical clock located in Prague.The clock was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the only one still working.

Church of Our Lady of Tyn
The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn or simple Tyn Church dominates of the Old Town Square. It has very interesting and powerful looking because of two spires which can be seen from all over Prague. This church is impressive by day, striking by night, lit up against the dark night sky. Work on the church began in the first half of the 14th Century but it was not until the end of the 16th Century that it was completed.

Monument to Jan Hus
The monument to Jan Hus stands in the center of Old Town Square. It was sculpted by Ladislav Saloun and unveiled in July 1915 on the 500th anniversary of Hus' death. The huge monument depicts victorious Hussite warriors and Protestants who were forced into exile 200 years after Hus and a young mother which symbolizes national rebirth. Jan Hus (1369-1415) was a Czech theologian and preacher who became Rector of Charles University in 1403.

House At the Stone Bell
The Stone Bell House in Prague is a Gothic mansion that was considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe. This elegant medieval building had its 14th-century Gothic dignity rescued from a second-rate baroque renovation. During restoration in the 1980s the stucco façade was stripped away to reveal the original stonework; the eponymous stone bell is on the building’s corner. Inside, two restored Gothic chapels now serve as branches of the Prague City Gallery (with changing exhibits of modern art) and as chamber-concert venues.

Goltz-Kinsky Palace
Built between 1755 and 1765 for Count Goltz, the building stands in the Old Town Square and features a wonderfully decorated pink and white Rococo styled facade which has 10 sculptures on display and a large first floor balcony that has been used over the years to give important speeches, such as from communist leader Klement Gottwald in 1945.

House at the Golden Unicorn
The house At the Unicorn, situated at the corner of the Old Town Square and Zelezna street, is one of the oldest houses in Prague. It has a Romanesque core from the 12th century and also a Gothic gateway with a valuable vault.

Storch House
A house with beautifully painted facade, built in Neo Renaissance style and has beautiful frescoes decorated the facade of the building. Built in 1897, this house on the Old Town Square represents Neo-Renaissance architecture of the period with its murals of Saint Wenceslas painted by L. Novak from a design by M. Ales.


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