Short Stay Apartments Make Fine Accommodations for London Travelers

Short Stay Apartments Make Fine Accommodations for London Travelers

Short lets in London are an excellent accommodation for both vacation and business travelers.

People who travel to London for vacation or business must opt for short lets in London instead of hotel rooms. These short lets basically refer to the serviced apartments that are available in almost all the regions of London.


Here are some advantages of a short let when living in London:

Available in all regions

The first and foremost benefit of short lets is that they are available in almost every part in London. This enables the travelers the flexibility to choose according to their needs, whether they require living in the prime business locations or popular tourist destinations. There is no need to compromise on the location and most apartments are situated near good transportation links, making it easier to book an apartment which suits a variety of needs.


Unique address in London

It may sound like a fanciful thing but having a unique address in London helps at times. Especially if you are on a business trip, a unique address of your own can make it easier for you to receive any parcels and deliveries from an office or elsewhere. Even if you are on vacation, it is generally a feel good factor to have an address.


Economical and spacious 

As compared to hotel rooms, serviced apartments are more generously proportioned and therefore more cost effective. If you book a hotel room of the same standard and size, then it is likely to cost you more than an apartment.


Comfortable and well furnished 

Serviced apartments are fully furnished in a modern way and come with hotel-like amenities: TV, DVD, internet connection, etc. Having an en suite bathroom and an equipped kitchen also really adds to the overall comfort of the stay.



Most importantly, a person needs privacy and a feeling of ownership wherever they stay, particularly if the stay is  longer. It may be fun to stay in a hotel room for a day or two but when it gets longer than that, a hotel room restricted, boring, and and lacks comfort. The constant disturbance caused by housekeeping can be annoying.  Here you feel like you are staying in your own home. Plus, you have a kitchen at your disposal where you can cook a fresh meal whenever you like.