Shopping Tips for Jordan

Shopping Tips for Jordan

Shopping Tips in Jordan:

Be a smart shopper.

Whether you are looking for souvenirs to take back home or your just a shopping fanatic! Try to avoid the gift shops at the tourist areas as they tend to be over priced.

Instead go where locals go to shop like in down town Amman or Jabal Al Hussian where you can find more than you need without spending a fortune!


The art of bargaining.

Local shop owners are used to this but as in everywhere else, they tend to raise their price once they smell a tourist approaching! But a big smile and good bargaining skills can get you a better deal. And do not worry about the language barrier because as they say: MONEY TALKS!

Of course you cannot do this at franchised brands and in big malls as the prices are usually fixed unless you are lucky enough to hit a big sale which takes place at the end of each season.


Re-claim your sales tax.

When shopping in Jordan, the purchase price you pay includes a sales tax of 16%. The good news is if you are a tourist from outside of Jordan, you are entitled to receive a sales tax refund on the goods purchased; and so making great savings on your holiday purchases.

So try to shop where you see the Premier Tax Free sign which is used in many stores in Jordan. You simply pay the purchase price in the store (including sales tax) and Premier Tax Free will send you your sales tax refund directly.


Go natural!

If you are in “the all organic and natural products phase”, Jordan is the place to be.

You can find a lot of handmade and even homemade beauty remedies goods that are manufactured in Jordan and use natural products like our famous olive oil elements and one of kind Dead Sea products. Most of these are owned by local families and small businesses so you will be encouraging them as well.


Fake it factor.

Down town area, Jabal Al Husein and Sweifeya are a heaven when it comes to fake goods. From Gucci to LV, from watches to bags, what you ask for is available in these areas and its quiet normal to get approached by locals selling them.

This is where your  bargaining skills come in handy as sometimes fake goods tend to sell at high prices (not compared to the REAL price of course).


Credit Card Payments.

Shops in big malls in Jordan accept credit card payments and so does alot of shops in souqs and markets and it is safe to do so.

But its always prefairable to ask first and always keep your reciept just in case you face a problem with your bank back home.


Travel tip shared by Larissa Qat