Shopping in Sao Paulo, Brazil, you'll find practically everything

Shopping in Sao Paulo, Brazil, you'll find practically everything

You'll find practically anything in São Paulo. Imported goods can be expensive, but look out for Brazilian-made bargains in all categories. Spend some time in one of the many "shoppings" (as Brazilians call the shopping malls) and also look out for areas with shops catering for specific interests.

There's not one single main shopping area in São Paulo, but many specialized streets, such as Rua Teodoro Sampaio (Metrô Clínicas) for furniture and musical instruments, Rua Oscar Freire (Metrô Consolação) for designer clothing such as Versace and Dior and jewelry shops, Rua José Paulino (Metrô Tiradentes) for bargain and wholesale clothing, and Rua Santa Ifigênia for electronic equipment. Every region of the city (Central, South, North, East and West) has several shopping areas.

Street shops usually open at 10AM and close at 6PM, including Saturdays, and close on Sundays. The countless shopping centres, opening hours are 10AM to 10PM from Monday to Saturday, and 12PM to 8PM on Sundays.

São Paulo has one of the highest living costs in Latin America. Even so, costs are usually lower than in Western Europe or North America, and it is possible to enjoy the city's attractions while spending low cash in both accommodation and food. For example, a set-meal, drinks included, in a not-so-bad place is around R$ 12 (US$ 5,50).

Ask locals for tips how to make the best out of your money if you're in a tight budget.

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