Shopping in One Of The Best Shopping Destination in the World – San Francisco

Shopping in One Of The Best Shopping Destination in the World – San Francisco

The city of San Francisco has always been a popular tourist destination.

While it has many different attractions, its major attractions are undoubted its unique shops, massive malls and distinctive shopping atmosphere.

The city is able to cater to every budget with ease.

One of the high-end shopping areas in the city is the Westfield San Francisco Centre. This mall is close to Union Square and its sheer design and architecture can leave visitors spellbound. The mall houses some of the biggest chain stores of the world, including Nordstrom, Victoria’s Secret, BeBe and Abercrombie & Fitch. You can also pick up luxury items from retailers, such as Club Monaco and Kenneth Cole.

The Union Square shopping area is definitely shopper’s heaven with stores standing amid flowers and street performers. You can visit Macy’s Neiman Marcus, Levi’s and Saks here. I addition, if you are looking for high-end items, you will enjoy visiting Louis Vuitton, Armani, Bulgari, Thomas Pink, Cartier, Prada, Diesel, Escada, Gucci and Hermes. There is also a huge discount warehouse of DSW selling shoes, and a store selling costume jewelry.

Another place for shopaholics is Chestnut Street. This street has elegant shops, brand retailers, beauty salons and numerous restaurants. This is the place to buy elegant and yet functional shoes. The street is also great for gift shopping, as you can pick up things like porcelain dolls or even a kitschy potato head. A shop named Chadwick’s of London is great for buying lace and cotton lingerie. With beauty shops, like Body Shop and Bare Essentials, women can pick up great cosmetics and skincare products. The area is unique, as it is sophisticated, but also has mass appeal. With its great ambiance, it is one of the best shopping areas in the city.


You could also have the opportunity to visit Chinatown. You can buy just about anything here, include rose-scented black tea, green tea, exotic gifts, Buddha images, aromatic candles, silk, and paper parasols and mahogany furniture.

People, who want to pamper themselves, should head to Fillmore Street. The street is lined with beauty retailers as well as interior décor boutiques. In addition, you can pick up perfumes here. This is just the kind of place an ardent shopper would like. It has the charm of being elegant and sophisticated and at the same time it is simple. You can pick up luxurious as well as reasonably priced goods here.


Another great place to visit is Embarcadero. Here you will find renowned names, like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne, Victoria’s Secret and Gap, alongside some very unusual shops. The mall has an indoor and outdoor section and is also home to the Discovery Channel Store, which lovers of science with adore. Besides all the shops and brand outlets, the mall has a cinema and restaurants.

You can find great shopping at Haight Street. During the roaring 60s, the street was psychedelic, and it has still retained that charm. You will find shops selling funky clothes, tattoo and piercing salons and anarchist bookstores operating among modern retailers, such as Gap and Jaxx. Just opposite the street is the place to buy replica clothing for low down prices.


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