A Seychelles Honeymoon Tour

A Seychelles Honeymoon Tour

A Honeymoon is a once in a lifetime affair where you cannot afford to make any mistakes.

It has to be captivating, thus finding a right destination is always important. If you are seeking a honeymoon travel package then the Seychelle Islands with exotic beaches are awaiting to be explored.

The Seychelles has always been an attractive desitination for newlyweds and the discerning traveler will find a pleasant beach holiday by escaping the exasperating crowds and hustle-bustle of the cities.


Planning a Seychelles Honeymoon Holiday

Which Island to Explore?

Initially you have to find out which Island(s) you want to visit. Keep in mind that Seychelles is an exotic and plush destination, mainly since William and Kate Middleton picked it for their honeymoon.

Spare some time & select destinations according to your interests. For chilled long walks around the islands, you can pick Mahe, Praslin and La Digue which offer you a perfect blend of accommodation and food.


Best Time for a Seychelles Holidays

There is good news for you, well, unlike other islands; Seychelles will never be hot, as its temperature hardly drops below 24C. Rain is quite common there, usually from December to February, whereas the dry months are between May till mid October.

The sun is shining and the water is calm, giving you a perfect atmosphere to swim and dive. What exactly you should pack is just a few dresses, some flip flops and a few dresses. Take as many as pictures as you can take as Seychelles offers many breathtaking views

Things to Do During Your Seychelles Honeymoon Vacation

Relax on the Tranquil Beaches

Forget the noisy cities, annoying weather and hustle-bustle of city life, take a chill pill, feel relaxed and enjoy the beauty of the amazing beaches. Swim with the colorful fish, read books, relax in a beach bungalow and soak up the sun meanwhile. As a couple, walk with your partner on the soft wet beach sand and enjoy those incredible romantic sunsets.


Take a Dive in the Ocean

You love swimming? Then you will love this experience. Just dive in to the Indian Ocean in Mahe. Going deeper you will also get a golden opportunity to see the beautiful corals, colorful fishes and enjoy the incredible marine life. As a true water activity lover, you can’t find anything better than diving and exploring the bottom of the ocean, along with your better half.


Enjoy Hiking in Mahe

Are you adventurous, do you love hiking? Oh Seychelles again has you covered. Yup! You got it right…even you will be amazed to know that a holiday to the Seychelles is never complete without going on that fantastic hike on a trail in Mahe. But be sure to keep your swimming costume, camera and plenty of water with you. At the end of the trail you will land at one of those secluded beaches with perfect scenic views.


Witness the Lush-Green Beauty of Vallee De Mai Nature Reserve

Located on Praslin, The Vallee de Mai Nature reserve is an UNESCO heritage site which is a home to coco de mer, an endogenous kind of palm which cannot be found anywhere except this Island. Besides this you can also spot here the elusive black parrot breed and enjoy the long walk on a tranquil-lush trail.


Visit Anse Source D’Argent 

Anse Source D’ Argent is one of the best beaches in the Seychelles located on La Digue. Just enter the site and experience the magical beauty of a Vanilla plantation by meandering around in search of large tortoises. Once you are at the beach, just remove your shoes and take out your camera to take the most sensational pictures.