Seven Things I can’t Travel Without

Seven Things I can’t Travel Without

While on route to my previous hometown of Toronto, I’m enjoying a nice 187 ml mini-bottle of French wine and contemplating the finer things in life. You know, like what’s for dinner - I’m a bit of a foodie.
And then, in a fit to try and stash my numerous empty water bottles, reading materials, and note pads while in desperate search for my laptop, I hear a voice beside me break the constant hum of flight AC 859, London Heathrow to Toronto Pearson.
What do you have in that thing anyways?
The voice was referring to my very serious looking orange-and-gray travel bag, a hiking worthy trophy earned during a previous trivago team event.
And this question got me thinking. I’ve got this whole ‘what’s in my carry-on’ thing down to (somewhat) of an art. Especially since I’m a) horrible at packing in advance, and b) always on the go, wishing I had packed in advance.
So, if you’re wondering what a slightly disheveled, down-to-the-last-minute, full-time communications strategist, writer, and part-time hotelier has packed in their carry-on, this post is for you.

Seven Things I can’t Travel Without

1. What I can’t live without – My Laptop

I take my laptop with me everywhere, every day. From home, to work, then back home again. On the plane, in the taxi, on the bus, I’m working everywhere I go. The tradeoff? I don’t have to sit in one place to get stuff done.

2. Random pieces of paper? I’m packing those too

I’m inexplicably fond of both post-it notes and of scribing seemingly nonsensical notes on scrap paper. The type that are scribbled in every direction, the result of a mad dash to get ideas down onto something tangible. I swear this saves me time in the end.

3. My Instax. Because new friendships should be celebrated with a #selfie

A great way to connect with new friends, is by taking an old-school photo (like Polaroid – remember those?) and documenting the occasion. When I snap a picture with my Instax, an image is ready in mere moments. What better way to document a newly formed friendships than this? It’s affordable, compact, and take great pictures.

4. I’ve never left home without my iPad, and for good reason

I’ve had my iPad for years and I’ve never left home without it. It’s like a mini-computer and it’s easier to use. How? For starters, you can have a wireless or on-screen keyboard which makes typing effortless. It just makes managing my day-to-day that much more efficient. Bloggers on the go can manage content creation, host inquiries and press itineraries faster than ever before.

5. Swim anyone? I’ve learned over the years to always be prepared

When I was a kid, it seemed like the trips that were the most fun involved incredible crystal-clear waters or artfully designed pools. My aunt was a sailor (that’s the Greek’s for you) and my dad a skilled swimmer - so I was meant to be in the water. When I forgot to bring it, I always regretted it so now I add it for safe measure.

6. A Ziploc full of liquefied goodness

Flying from one city to another to hit the ground running is becoming more of a norm in the days of the digital, and global, workplace. Shockingly, a lot of hotels do not provide hair conditioner. I’ve got longer hair than most too, so a little goes a long way. I never leave home without 100 ml of the stuff - you can buy a kit of travel toiletries.

7. DUBSTEIN, because in the world of Bleisure travel, nifty gadgets are the way to go

This is perfect for answering calls on the go from office, to press trip, to hotel and back. In goes my coffee and on goes the microphone. But after a busy day, this beauty pulls double duty. After a quick rinse, on goes the beats, and in goes the beer. With dual bass and surround sound speakers, this provides an instant party atmosphere. It's perfect for work and play and life in the travel industry.
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