Seven Summer Activities in Alps

Seven Summer Activities in Alps

The summer holidays are approaching and Europe is the best place to visit this summer.

The Alps are worth visiting in the summer months - you can look forward to mountain bike breaks and outdoor festivals.


Summer Activities in Alps

Underground via Ferrata in southern France

If you would love to view the scene of a cave system at the peak of a mountain then you need to visit southern France. A dramatic Ferrata system was introduced where you traverse towards a cave located at the peak of a mountain - with the help of ladders, handholds, and wires to clip a harness to.


Thermal swimming, Austria

Austria's Gastein valley became an attraction for travelers since they introduced two new thermal swimming lakes, it took two years to complete the project to eventually provide plenty of fun experiences for families. The area includes four lanes, a 28-meter wave slide and new toddler and baby pool.


Hiking in Belledonne

Hiking is a passion of many people and if you are one of them then you need to spend your holidays at Belledonne, France. The routes including hiking past mountain pastures, lakes, forests with wildlife and accommodation options are also available including mountain refuges and yurts.


First glacier 3000 marathons, Switzerland

The most remarkable place for athletes and runners is Switzerland where the first glacier Marathon 300 was introduced, the runners will move from asphalt and forest trails to the alpine ice and snow – the celebration of Glacier 3000 run and 26km from Gstaad.


Spent the night in tree tent

The tree tent also remains popular this summer and if you'd love to spend a night with trees in a forest then you should opt for the tree adventure in the southern French Alps. The trend requires you to spend your day in the canopies hanging on the trees then spending the night in tree hammocks where families can spend time on canopies hanging within trees and outdoor specialist also launching different activities for people.


Outdoor Festival

Many resorts also launch a variety of outdoor events to enjoy fun moments with their families - events include 100km of mountain bike tracks, obstacle races and a chance to view the worlds best slackliners where the Paragliding Pre-World Cup will also take place during the festival.


Introduction to Mountaineering, Italy

If you love mountaineering then Aosta, Italy is the best place, but suitable only for people with a decent level of fitness and who aren't afraid of heights. The trip will test your mountaineering skills and when the trip is completed, the final night is spent soaking in a sauna in a chalet in Chamonix.