The Serenity of White Pearl Resorts: Ponta Mamoli

The Serenity of White Pearl Resorts: Ponta Mamoli

Mozambique is one of those really special places in the world. A country that still has such a long way to go in terms of development, yet has pockets of absolute luxury and pure beauty.

One such place is White Pearl Resorts, Ponta Mamoli.

Hidden along the southern Mozambican coastline of Ponto do Ouro, White Pearl is a resort oozing with luxury and sophistication, yet remaining humble and accessible. A resort where you feel welcomed, at home and completely looked after. It is one of those resorts where it is all you need for your holiday, they have it all, there really is no need to leave – besides a walk on the beach (which is on your doorstep).


The setting

From your private suite you will look out onto the beautifully clear blue Indian Ocean, with the occasional whale or dolphin swimming past, giving you a show if they are in the mood. All around you, you are then surrounded by natural bush. In between the suites, and around the resort which is completely surrounded by dense collections of trees and bushes.

You feel separated from the rest of the world, in your own little cocoon surrounded by peace and tranquillity. A haven to relax your mind, and replenish your soul.

The beach is quiet and open for you to explore, as the stretch of beach in front of the resort isn’t shared with any other resorts. While it is open to the public, there aren’t really any other resorts close by that will be sharing this section of beach. Think of it as the White Pearl beach, just for you.


The accommodation

White Pearl has 21 private pool suites. Each suite has its own swimming pool, deck with deckchairs, outdoor shower, full bathroom, bedroom, television, mini bar, butler and an AMAZING view.

The bed is huge, and so comfortable. The couch is the perfect place for your late afternoon nap. The bath is in the perfect spot to have a relaxing pre-dinner soak before the sun goes down so you can stare dreamily into the ocean. The outdoor shower is the perfect start to your day. And if you feel energetic enough, the deck is a great spot for some yoga, again while staring out into the ocean. And if you really don’t want to leave your suite, very likely, you can order in and get your food delivered to your door.

The suites are decorated in a modern beach chic kind of way, simple décor with intricate details. The décor theme follows through the entire resort, such as the same lamp shade designs in various rooms of the resort.


The food

If you have ever done any research into Mozambican cuisine, you would have heard about their seafood. Since Mozambique was colonised by the Portuguese, a lot of their food is influenced by Portuguese cuisine. Prawns, calamari, espetada, prego’s and peri peri.

White Pearl has combined traditional Mozambican food with 5 star fine dining. Every dish that I tasted was absolutely delicious. I made a point to eat as much seafood as I could. Some dishes included a prawn and calamari salad with pineapple and papaya, seafood platter, crab and clam linguine and chicken espetada. On the sweeter side I then tried a passion fruit sorbet, amazing fruit pavlova and really tasty tarts at the afternoon High Tea.

The portions are all generous, yet not going overboard. After your meal you will feel satisfied without feeling like you’ve stuffed yourself too much.

Every night the menu is different, and every night they have a speciality Mozambican dish to try out. Which is a great way to experience the local culture, and get a taste for the local food.

Breakfasts are in a league of their own. You will start off with a tray filled with the best homemade muesli and yoghurt that I’ve ever tasted, fruit, bread, biscuits, muffins, croissants and other surprises that they add on each morning. You then have a choice of cooked meals from the menu (your usual breakfast choices) or you can order absolutely anything that you feel like. If you woke up with a taste for chocolate pancakes sprinkled with M&Ms or just a simple mushroom omelette, your wish is the chef’s command.



If lounging around on the beach, at your suite or around the communal areas of the resort isn’t enough for you, you can book yourself in for one of the activities on offer. They have beach horse riding, stargazing, scuba diving, ocean safaris and snorkelling. These activities are all weather dependent. I unfortunately chose a very unlucky weekend to go, and was only able to do the beach horse riding, as the weather was too bad to go on the boat.

For even more relaxation, White Pearl has a spa in one of the top suites, the one with the best view. Here you can get massaged, have a facial, manicure, pedicure, body wraps and a few other spa treatments. I tried out their signature treatment, which is a hydrotherm massage. You lie face up on a heated water bed, while getting a full body massage by the therapist. It was unlike any massage that I’ve ever had, and left me loose and relaxed.

On Wednesday and Saturday evenings you can enjoy your pre-dinner drinks while watching some drumming and dancing from the local children. I love this idea of getting the locals involved in a project while showing the guests the traditional side of Mozambique.


Getting there

Since the resort is quite isolated, and the roads getting there aren’t suitable for all cars, I would suggest flying to Maputo International Airport, where the resort then organises a smaller plane to fly you to Ponto do Ouro, this flight is about 45 minutes. After landing in Ponto do Ouro, you will be picked up in a White Pearl 4x4 and driven through to the resort, this drive is also about 45 minutes. You get to see some of the Mozambican bush and small villages. They are in the process of building their own landing strip, which should be finished soon. You will then fly straight from Maputo to the resort.

Most of the flights that were flying into Maputo International Airport seemed to be from South Africa. So you may have stop there first and then fly through to Maputo. British Airways offer daily return flights from OR Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) to Maputo, with double daily service on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Their service is great, and the flight is comfortable. The flight is only about an hour, just enough time to take off, enjoy a snack and read a few pages of the in-flight magazine.


Perfect for…

White Pearl is the perfect destination for honeymooners or couples seeking a break. With your private suite you can create a little love cocoon and have enough privacy to feel like the only two people on earth. Then when you feel like a little bit of human interaction you can go down to the communal areas.

The staff will all spoil you, and make sure every little detail is looked after. All you really need to do is enjoy each other’s company, relax and fall in love with the beautiful Mozambican coastline.


Travel tip shared by Bridget Williamson for Traveldudes


Thanks to White Pearl Resorts: Ponta Mamoli for inviting Traveldudes, and British Airways for sponsoring the flights. These are my own thoughts and experiences of the resort. Traveldudes maintains full editorial control of the content published on this site.


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