Sensing the Pyrenees of Girona

Sensing the Pyrenees of Girona

Girona happens to be an impressively well-located region where white mountain peaks of the Pyrenees get to meet with the crunchy beaches of the Costa Brava in a delightful mix of rural landscape, traditions, language and culture.

For all these reasons I have had an intense experience while discovering the area as I usually do: with my senses completely activated to the top. Because this always bring, with no exception, the best travel memories and experiences in the most intense and richest way possible for both mind and soul. 

So let's go sense the Pyrenees together. You might get creative on your next visit!



Crunchy snow under your feet while doing some snow-shoeing along the slopes. The crackling under the feet is quite interesting and hypnotizing to me. The sensation generates some kind of mind-taking vibration throughout the body that makes it both fun and relaxing as you keep on walking over the slightly breakable snow.

Not to miss a deep and intense massage at any spa after spending a whole day skiing. Not a single inch of your skin will be ungrateful to the tender movements of a hot jacuzzi or a relaxing massage. Not to mention the peaceful sounds that could accompany these!



The endless white-peaked mountain range is almost magical. Probably the best suggestion I can give you here is this: go on a hot air balloon ride while in Pyrenees. There is one company in the area called Vol de Coloms who gives this stunning experience with a traditional catalan brunch afterwards...totally rewarding! Nothing like going up in the air will explain the sights and feelings of what the Pyrenees actually feels like.

Also, one particular thing to watch in the Pyrenees mountains, particularly at Vall de Nuria, are foxes and reindeer. It can be a matter of luck,  but when you see nature really going on all around you, you simply stand right there, speechless, watching it happen, surviving. You are a simple spectator of nature, larger than life. Quite breathtaking both for mind and soul.



Probably the scent that caught my nostrils the most and almost everywhere was the cozy aroma of fireplaces all over. Every single town would emanate this soul-hugging smell. As common as this can be in cold areas all over the world, there is something about this place within the beautiful stone houses with wooden ceilings and warm colours, that makes it perfect to walk at night while sensing the fireplaces warming every home. This smell seemed special because it made stories to pop out from my head. Actually quite inspiring the Pyrenees can be!



Two main specialties are cooked in the area and they both deserve a long, calm and deep taste:

1. Red Meats - due to altitude and weather conditions, the Pyrenees and particulary the Gironese region around La Cerdanya have the best quality meat production in the area. Definitely not massive and commercial or industrial kind of meats.

2. Trinxat - also traditional from La Cerdanya, this soft souffle-like dish made with potatoes, cabbage and pork meat will take your breath away. All mixed together into a fluffy and perfect bite. I could have one of these dishes on daily basis! To me the clue was its softness...really.



ONE essential thing makes the difference and its way into the soul...and it is silence. The best feature about this place to me is probably this. Along with the landscapes, the sense of wellness, the good eats and sleeps, silence has to be the perfect complement to one fully relaxing getaway ever. Don't you think?


Yes, Girona and the Pyrenees are a destination for the senses. For relaxing, for disconnecting from the world and connecting into your inner self. Soothingly healthy and recommended.


Travel Tip shared by Mariana Calleja for Travel Dudes.

This sensorial experience was made possible thanks to Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava - Pirineu de Girona. All opinions expressed are entirely the author's.