Sempu Island, Indonesia, a quiet place with magnificent white sand & blue water

Sempu Island, Indonesia, a quiet place with magnificent white sand & blue water

If you like quiet place, where is no one around, isolated from the outside world, Sempu Island in Indonesia is the right place for you.

The long journey to reach the lagoon in the heart of the island paid off after you see magnificent white sand and blue water. Population is zero, no electricity and no drinkable water, except one hidden oasis in the deep jungle.


Where is it?

Sempu Island is located in the south of East Java Province, the nearest big city is Malang in the north. It is an isolated island with a small sea-lagoon, where most people camp on the sand nearby.


How to Get There?

The most popular hub to reach this place is Malang City. There is a daily train to reach Malang from Jakarta with various accommodations; executive, business, or economy. You may find several drivers in Malang Central Station offering you a pick up to the nearest harbour. They will cost you no more than US$ 5, try to keep the price under that amount, as some drivers may give you higher price. In some cases, you will be transferred to other drivers in Turen Market, it may cost you more. Just make it sure with the driver.

The next transit is Sendang Biru, a fisherman village where you need to rent a boat for crossing the strait. It will cost you around US$ 10, it includes the return fare. Ask for arranging return time.

After you reach the island, you still need to walk for an hour through the muddy jungle. Follow the existing track or you might get lost, I did get lost, which doubled my journey’s time.


What to expect?

1. No electricity, bring some flashlight or prepare to make a campfire.

2. No signal for your cellphone, it is really an isolated island; try to be Tom Hanks (previously written Kevin Costner, LOL, sorry) in Cast Away.

3. Sun block is very important, since you are outdoors all the time.

4. If you don’t like to cook, bring some food.

5. Outdoor camping utilities are necessary; tent, sleeping bag, etc.

6. Bring drinking water in sufficient amount during your length of stay.

7. A condom is useful to reserve water or to use it for your pocket camera. My friends did that with the result, we had some nice underwater pictures in the lagoon.


What to do?

1. Swimming is very safe in the lagoon, you may feel the sense of oceanic water, but you won’t sweep away.

2. You may try to sleep outside of your tent in the night, gaze the stars behind your sleeping bag.

3. Take some pictures.

4. Experience the spectacular view of the Indian Ocean above the corals near the lagoon.

5. Or you just lay on the sand from dawn to set, no one will disturb you, it’s so quiet there. In fact, when I was there, there were only myself and a few friends on the island.



Written and contributed by yusufputra


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