See Turkey and Greece Within 30 Minutes

See Turkey and Greece Within 30 Minutes

Here is a travel tip that will have you seeing two different countries in the same day. If you are anywhere near to Ka? in South West Turkey then you can sail across to the small Greek island of Meis – or Kastellorizo – for a few hours.

Ka? itself is a great little laid back town – a former must-see on the hippy trail. There are plenty of bars and lokantas (cheap eating places in Turkey) here and a couple of small beaches.

The crossing to Greece only takes around 20 minutes and currently costs just 20 Euros return on the Meis Express. Years ago you could sail across on a little fishing boat, but these days the Meis Express is a little larger – and much quicker with it. You can sunbathe on the beanbags on the top deck while you are crossing borders at sea.

In under half an hour you will arrive at the small but perfectly-formed Greek harbour that is Meis. The whole feel becomes completely Greek suddenly – and you’ll even forget that you were in Turkey just moments before.

It’s great to head away from the harbour in Meis for a bit of a hike upwards to see the churches and museum and get some amazing views back down to the harbour and across to Turkey – just a stone’s throw away.

Many of the Greek houses on the island are now being restored to their former glory and there are some beautiful ones to be seen.

This travel tip is a great way to compare two cultures and lifestyles without any effort at all. Have a Souvlaki in Greece for your lunch and a traditional Döner kebab for your dinner when you get back to Turkey.

But don’t forget your passport!

Written and contributed by turkeysforlife