Secret Flower Gardens in London: 6 Hidden Gems

Secret Flower Gardens in London: 6 Hidden Gems

Contrary to popular belief, London can be a good place to see the real beauty of nature and enjoy the real peace of mind. There are many hidden gardens in the city where you can enjoy a bit of time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

No other joy can be as great as spending time unwinding in a lush, tranquil green garden. London has many good parks and gardens and also there are some secret gardens that are a true hidden gem to discover. 

London Hidden Gems

Here are just some of the hidden gems in city of London.

Postman’s Park

This is a small park hidden in a peaceful corner of the city. Just after the St. Paul’s Cathedral, it is house to the Watts Memorial that is devoted to daring individuals who passed away while attempting to save someone else’s life. These monuments are painted with hands on the good tiles and each artwork is a moving picture of the scene. It feels little sad to go through these heart-breaking stories but they are motivational as well. This park is one of the best London parks and one can spend good time here.


Culpepper Gardens, London

This is a most beautiful space that is a park and also a conservational community project in the centre of the Islington, London. It is controlled by the local people and nearby enthusiastic can come here for gardening. Not just the community vegetable gardens, you can also see the ornamental beds, wildlife area, seating, vegetable plots etc. There is also a common effort and the work is contributed by volunteers and members. This garden is a great place to visit not just for the green beauty but also for the friendly community atmosphere. Here you can come and spend good time with people and make new friends.


Redcross Garden

This is a public garden situated on 50 Redcross Way and it's basically formed a section of the revolutionary social housing scheme on this place, which was calculated by Elijah Hoole. Octavia Hill’s housing project covered two short rows of Tudor revivalist style houses and some of the cottages. This garden was started in the year 1888 and this was decorated as a sitting room for the residents of Southwark.

This garden covered encompassed and landscaped arrangement of flower beds, a small play area and a bandstand and much more. The garden underwent into a repair work in the concluding half of the 20th century. In fact it was reformed to its basic beauty in the year 2005 just because of Bankside Open Spaces Trust.

Today it is a community garden that has some ecological plantings. This garden is open from sunrise to sunset. One can have a fresh time here. This is less crowded in mornings. You can come here at any time.


Bonnington Square Gardens

This is placed in the Vauxhall in South London and it was built in the1870s as housing for the railway employees. It was taken for demolition in 1980, but this was prohibited by the legal actions taken by a Turkish shopkeeper. Squatters in a while shifted into all of the buildings that made housing cooperative and discussed with ILEA for the right to lease out the housing. After this was done, the residents created a self-run vegetarian café and also a community garden that is completely run by residents and it has many unusual plants. You can come here to study about these rare plants.


St. Mary’s Secret Garden

This is a luxury garden situated in Hackney. This is the most peaceful garden in the city.  This is a big garden that has been expanded to make a large green space and there is a food growing area, herb garden and woodland garden. There is also a big greenhouse and also a classroom that gives a multiplicity of projects covering the attributed horticultural education. This garden is run with many organic gardening principles, so that the site can be managed and wildlife can be stimulated in the garden.

The garden is a great resource for the whole community. It has many horticultural courses, community events, therapeutic sessions, flower shows and also some plant sales during the course of the year.


Holland Park

This park is open for the whole day. The park offers many facilities such as cricket, netball, tennis, football, amongst many others. For elders there are some walking trails, play areas for kids and much more. Kyoto Garden is one of the climaxes of Holland Park. It is a little part of old and peaceful Japan in the midpoint of the city.

You can also take part in a tranquil meditation session or walk through the Asian encouraged landscape. It was decorated by a renowned Japanese garden designer and this was built as a sign of friendship to the city of London.

Spring is the best season to visit here. In spring you will be able to see pink cherry blossoms in full bruise. There are many of gorgeous out of sight flower gardens that you can find out in the capital. Just carry your picnic lunch and have a great time. This is the place where you can get the real peace of mind.