Save Money While You Travel by Exploring the World Through a Game Called Geocaching!

Save Money While You Travel by Exploring the World Through a Game Called Geocaching!

What if I told you that you can save money while you are traveling through a treasure hunt game called Geocaching? 

Next time you travel, instead of paying a tour guide to explore an area you can simply pull up a FREE Geocaching App and start exploring on your own.  Geocaching is an international treasure hunt that takes you on an adventure to find a hidden container - which could be anywhere! 

With over 2 million Geocaches hidden around the world, there is always one nearby to be found!

Geocaching has taken Liz and I off the beaten tourist path to discover lesser known hiking trails, monuments, buildings, parks, and other structures throughout the world.  We have used geocaching to tour cities such as Dublin, Ireland and Edinburgh, Scotland.  Instead of paying tour guides to take us on a tour of the historic Royal Mile in Edinburgh, we simply pulled out our smart phone Geocaching App and took our own tour through the city.

Great thing about geocaching in more well know historic and urban cities is that you will find that many of the caches are hidden by locals as a way to highlight their town to visitors.  We are history nuts and love discovering new cities through this game.  While exploring cities through geocaching, we have found ourselves standing in front of monuments that were not located in our travel guides.  


Geocaching is also a unique way to explore a destination.

While crowds of tourists may be shuffling between popular sights, geocaching may take you to lesser known areas.  Quiet parks that are filled with locals, or a restaurant with the friendliest owner (as we found in Playa del Carmen, Mexico)!  The game gives you a reason to wander in a different direction, and create your own unique travel experience.

We saved money and added to our adventures while exploring the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.  We found ourselves admiring the beautiful Petronas Towers all lit up at night.  We pulled out our GPS and discovered that there was a cache located in the park across from the tower plaza.   So we went for an evening stroll through the park with locals and kids playing on the swings.  Eventually, we found the cache and turned around to the most beautiful view of the towers framed between the trees, an intentional location we’re sure!

So geocaching is not only a way to save money while you explore during your travels, but it’s also a great way to find unique travel experiences. 

And who doesn’t love a treasure hunting game anyway?


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