Santorini's Traditional Tastes! - Delicious Greek Food Guide

Santorini's Traditional Tastes! - Delicious Greek Food Guide

We would like to share with you Santorini's traditional tastes!

So lets begin!


Starters (mezedes)

Try mezedes such as:

Tzatziki (a yoghurt, cucumber & garlic dip), taramosalata (fish roe pureed with lemon juice, oil & either bread crumbs or potato) & humus (chickpea dip). Every taverna though has its own variation on the theme.

It's Greek salads (horiatiki salata) that often make such a big impression on visitors. You could make it up yourself from slices of onion, tomato, cucumber, olives, & chunks of feta (a salty & crumbly sheep's milk cheese), with olive oil & oregano sprinkled generously over the top.
Instructions to eating a greek salad: Dig in with your fork & Dip in with your bread!

Look out also for
- Dolmades (vine leaves stuffed with minced beef and/or herby rice),
- Melitzana (aubergine - fried or as a dip with tomato & onion), 
- Gigantes (giant butter beans in tomato sauce)
- Saganaki (fried or grilled cheese) 
- Briam (aubergines, courgettes, peppers & tomatoes - ratatouille style), 
- Melitzanes Fournou (aubergine baked with tomatoes & onion),
- Kolokithia Tiganita (courgettes fried in batter) & fassolia & bamies (green beans & okra served in a tomato sauce with herbs). 

And finally Santorini's specialty Domatokeftedes (tomatoes, onion, flour)


Main courses

Totally Greek menus include stuff like:

- Moussaka (layers of minced lamb with aubergine & white sauce), 
- Sikoti (grilled liver fried with herbs & garlic), 
- Stifado (a casserole based either on veal, rabbit or beef with herbs, vinegar, tomatoes, onion & garlic) 
- Fricassee (lamb or pork pieces cooked in a lemon & egg sauce).
- Pastitsio (minced meat with macaroni, tomatoes & cheese under a béchamel sauce) 

Meatballs come under various names: 
Biftekia (meat balls with bread,egg,oregano)
Soutsoukakia(meatballs with bread, garlic, in a sausage shape)
Keftedes (small meat balls, with bread, onion, plenty of basil, usually fried)

Barbecued meats can be particularly tasty - look out for:
- Souvlakia (lamb, pork or veal grilled on a skewer),
- Kotopoulo (chicken)
- Gyros (similar to a doner kebab).

There is usually excellent fresh fish available although it'll probably be the most expensive dish on the menu.. You'll come across:
- Calamari (squid),
- Barbounia (red mullet),
- Astakos (lobster)
- Marides (whitebait), a cheap option but very delicious.

Fish is usually sold by weight, so make sure you know just how much money you'll be coughing up when you order!



Pastries are the most common type of dessert, & it's best to find them in the local patisseries called zacharoplasteio. They serve delicious sweets such as:
- Baklava (filo pastry with honey & nuts),
- Kadaifi (similar - but with shredded wheat instead of pastry),
- Bougatsa (flaky pastry with a cream & cinnamon filling),
- Loukoumades (doughnuts laced with cinnamon & honey),
- Nougat & Halva

And finally Santorini's specialty home made Melitinia

A taverna may offer some simple fresh fruit to follow a meal, fruit salad, ice cream - or perhaps some creamy Greek yoghurt, again with wonderful honey. Summer fruits include melon, watermelon, peaches, apricots & later on, figs.



Santorini is famous mainly for its wine. There is also Ouzo, a strong aniseed drink similar to French 'Pastis' or 'Ricard' & normally served to mix with water, which turns it milky white.

It's also great with orange juice or lemonade, as fruity alternatives! Best accompanied with some kind of meze, and drunk at a tavern next to the waves…  or at least this is the Greek way of drinking Ouzo!

Do not neglect to try the island's wine at the restaurants, the local wineries, the coffee shops & the bars of the island. Ask for homemade wine, which is called a "karafaki", & is non-bottled. A totally different taste to bottled wine!


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